Pacific Rim: Back 2 War is the sequel to Pacific Rim, taking place between 2027-2028


In the year 2027, another breach as appeared in an unknown location beneath the sea, releasing new Kaiju, the beginning of the second kaiju war between humanity and the Precursors. The Jaeger program has been reactiated by the PPDC's approval, as the Pan Pacific Defense Corps began to build new improved Jaegers Mark: 5's. However, with a behind-the-scenes political conspiracy behind the scenes, Kaiju worshippers trying to blow up the Shatterdomes, and new Kaiju, Raleigh and Mako face their biggest challange yet. 

List Of JaegersEdit

  • Gipsy Danger 2.0: Now a Mark-5 American Jaeger. Piloted by Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori. The Jaeger is the leader of Ice Breaker, and is thus the most powerful. One of it's biggest changes are massive spikes jutting out of the sides
  • Devildog Ruler is a Mark V American Jaeger stationed at the Camp Lejeune Shatterdome alongside the Canadian/Russian Mark I Urdnot Destroyer and Russian Mark IV Noveria Alpha as part of Strike Group Cerberus. It was developed independently by the United States Marine Corps in defiance of the United Nations' memorandum on the deactivation of all Jaegers in favor of building the Anti-Kaiju Wall. It's construction was authorized after the destruction of Gipsy Danger.

It is piloted by Rex Wilson and Liza Clark, two close friends who lost their best friends during the First Kaiju War fighting Trespasser in 2013.

  • Noveria Alpha is a Russian Mark IV Jaeger piloted by brothers Alexi Vorshevsky and Dmitri Vorshevsky. It is assigned to the Camp Lejeune Shatterdome alongside Devildog Ruler and Urdnot Destroyer
  •  Monarch Regent was a British Mark V Jaeger assigned to the Cardiff Shatterdome alongside the American Mark III Jaeger Marine Alpha.
  • Marine Alpha was an American Mark III Jaeger constructed shortly after Gipsy Danger's first Kaiju kill. It is stationed at the Cardiff Shatterdome in Wales alongside Monarch Regent in 2027
  • Warpath Prime was a Mark IV American Jaeger designed by the United States Army stationed at the Normandy Shatterdome in France.