Pacific Rim: Back 2 War is the sequel to Pacific Rim, taking place between 2027-2039.


In the year 2027, another breach as appeared in an unknown location beneath the sea, releasing new Kaiju, the beginning of the second kaiju war between humanity and the Precursors. The Jaeger program has been reactiated by the PPDC's approval, as the Pan Pacific Defense Corps began to build new improved Jaegers Mark: 6-9's. However, with a behind-the-scenes political conspiracy behind the scenes, Kaiju worshippers trying to blow up the Shatterdomes, and new Kaiju, Raleigh and Mako face their biggest challange yet. 

List Of JaegersEdit

Ice BreakerEdit

A team of Jaegers consisting of American and Canadian Jaegers housed at the Anchorge Shatterdome.

  • Gipsy Danger 2.0: Now a Mark-4 American Jaeger. Piloted by Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori. The Jaeger is the leader of Ice Breaker, and is thus the most powerful. One of it's biggest changes are massive spikes jutting out of the sides
  • Lovecraft Maple: Mark-3 Canadian Jaeger. Piloted by Moose Dickinson and Sylvester Sokat. The Jaeger's main weapon are 8 Whip Swords mounted on the left wrist of Cuttlefish Maple that are very reminiscent of the tentacles of an Octopus. It's secondary weapon is a version of Gipsy's Plasma cannon, only it more resembles a Squid's beak, and shoots chemically modified Dry Ice. 
  • Redwood Shameless: Mark-1 American Jaeger piloted by Kennedy LaRue and Stephanie Lanphier, the former pilots of Romeo Blue. The Jaeger is otherwise similar to Romeo, however, it's main difference is it's function as a Long-Range Jaeger. It 


Eureaka StrikersEdit

The Eureaka Strikers are a group of Oceania Jaegers housed at the Sydney Shatterdome.

Dragon's StormEdit

The main J-Team for eastern Asia, the Shatterdome is located in Hong Kong

  • Echo Beijing: Mark 4- China Jaeger which is a rebuilt Crimson Typhoon housed at the Hong Kong Shatterdome that is piloted by Charlie, Liam, and Mick Fyre-Bing, the sons of Harvey and Janet Fyre before being adopted by Tora and Li Bing, the pilots of Teeth Of Tiger: a mark 2 Chinese Jaeger. Crimson 2.0 is otherwise the same as it's original form, but it's Comm-Pod is now more armoured, making sure Kaiju cannot get to it.

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