Allies can come in Unexpected Forms at Unexpected Times  

Plot Edit

It's been a mere decade since the end of the Kaiju War, but now a new threat has emerged.   

List of P.P.D.C KaijuEdit

  • Tyrant: Eric's Kaiju, and the main PPDC-created-Kaiju protagonist. He is a bipedal tyrannosaurus rex-like Kaiju with a pair of tentacles for arms lined with cartilige spikes molecularly combined with carbon nano-tubes. He can also shoot balls of plasma from his mouth not unlike his Jaeger counterpart. His vocalizations are modified versions of Godzilla's iconic roar combined with Lion growls.  
  • Evening: Mako's Kaiju, and the 
  • Adamant: the first PPDC-created Kaiju, belonging to Raleigh.  
  • Anansi: 

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