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On December 7 1991, The Soviet Base on Siberia Launched 3 million rockets that were heading to Mars. The Soviets Now made Mars as their new Home. Sometime in 2054, Space Kaijus attacked The Mars Moscow and Destroyed the Space Kremlin. The Soviets created Their own Jaegers, The First one was Called "Vladimir Lenin" named after the first Communist Leader of Russia. As we know it, The Soviet War is a Undergoing Conflict. The Soviets also asked help from Earth and formed an Anti-Kaiju Alliance.

Pacific Rim: Soviet Wars
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  • 1991 The Soviets fled to Mars.
  • 1993 they started to build a City on a Crater.
  • 2004 The city was finished and placed inside a Russian Communist Logo.
  • 2009-2053 The Soviets Remain Dormant from Earth. And thus, developing new tech.
  • 2054 The First Space Kaiju on Mars attacked the Mars Moscow which started a War between Soviets and Kaijus.
  • 2055 The Soviets asked for help in Earth and formed the Anti-Kaiju Alliance.and thus, Vladimir Lenin was Developed.
  • The Present Day- The War keeps on as a Ongoing Conflict.
  • Fall of the space Soviet- A predicted event were the Kaijus Destroy anything on Mars and including Soviet Jaegers and the Mighty "Stalin's Fury" Mark X Jaeger. The Precusors use their own Jaegers in the Event, including Precusor Eureka, It is also foretold that Godzilla will Ransack the Mars Moscow's Anti Kaiju guns and weaken the Space Soviets in which will Hint their Downfall. And the survived Soviets will retreat to earth with the wrecked "Stalin's Fury" and "Breznev Fury"


  • Vladimir Lenin MK V
  • Rokoski MK IV
  • Mir MK V
  • Gorbachev MK I
  • Chernobyl MK VI
  • Breznev Fury MK XII
  • Stalin's Fury MK X
  • Gipsy Danger MK III(Mentioned by Hans Lancer while negotiating with the Space Soviets)
  • Unamed Steam Powered Jaeger MK I(the Soviets third Jaeger which was Destroyed)


  • Leadfoot
  • Kievland
  • Sterlin
  • Dredvuk
  • Velkil
  • Ublinsik
  • OmegaKuroski
  • Godzilla(Foretold)


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