"When the first Kaiju appeared, we assumed they were massive undersea animals, attacking us on instinct, and it scared people. For eleven years we fought against these things, almost like a Tempest, until we decided to wall ourselves off. Unfortunately, walls can't stop storms, you've got to head right for the center of it."
―Myka Pearson, PPDC Ranger and Lightning Shrike co-pilot

On August 10, 2013, a massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the coastal city of San Francisco, when first responders arrived to survey damages, they saw something they could not have possibly imagine: A massive animal, standing well above the Golden Gate bridge, smashing through it. Several minutes later, jet aircraft arrived and attacked the beast to no avail. Over the next six days, the combined forces of the United States' and United Kingdom's militaries failed to stop it, eventually forcing them to resort to the use of a nuclear weapon. Tens of thousands were killed and three cities were destroyed, the event, forever remembered as K-Day, marked the beginning of an eleven year war that almost marked the end of the Human race. In 2015, after realizing that these attacks would not end of their own accord, the United Nations agreed to come together and build machines capable of fighting the monsters, dubbed Kaiju. These machines were called Jaegers. Pacific Rim: Tempest focuses on the efforts of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps to stop the Kaiju incursions and the Rangers and their Jaegers fighting on the frontlines of the conflict.