Pan Atlantic Defense Corps

The Pan Atlantic Defense Corps. Emblem

The Pan Atlantic Defense Corps. (abbreviated PADC) is an organization created by the United Nations, patterned after the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. This Corps represents an international alliance of several countries across the Atlantic Ocean, bound together by the shared goal of containing, combating and eliminating the Kaiju.


Following the finalization of the First Kaiju War in January 12, 2025, the world entered a short lived state of peace, which ended at the end of 2025 with the first Atlantic Incursions and the begining of the "Second Kaiju War", that's when the U.N. started this organization, following the system and tradition created by the original PPDC, in order to combat and defeat the Alien Threat in these territories.

The Pan Atlantic Defense Corps was founded in December 21, 2025. The organization would act as the primary beneficiary of the United Nations, who would continue the Jaeger Program as well as the creation of Several new Shatterdomes in the Atlantic Shores.

The following year, April 19, 2026, the first of several Shatterdomes and headquarters of the Pan Atlantic Defense Corps was established in Baltimore, United States. Within the Shatterdome, Strike Groups are assigned to defend their given city or country's coastline with three or more Jaeger teams.

Shatterdome LocationsEdit

  • United-states-flag Baltimore, US
  • Flag of Wales Cardiff, Wales
  • Flag of Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
  • United-states-flag Camp Lejeune, US
  • Flag of Mexico.svg Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Flag of the United Kingdom London, UK
  • United-states-flag Manhattan, US
  • Flag of South Africa Johannesburg/Sowetu, South Africa
  • United-states-flag Miami, US
  • Flag of Poland Warsaw, Poland


A massive organization, the structure and function of Pan Atlantic Defense Corps is not dissimilar from the military nor the original "PPDC". The individual ranked as Marshall is the main chiefly at the head of all operations concerning Jaeger deployments and liaisons with the United Nations. At least two personnel based positions are classified under the rank of Officer and Rangers. Over twelve positions exist under the rank of officer, providing individuals of various expertise to aid in the study of Kaiju biology and behavior, while others, like J-Tech, centralized its focus on combat and supportive positions required to rear academy hopefuls trying become Jaeger pilots and the safeguard of the populace in cities attacked by Kaiju. Rangers are required to undergo a long semester of training before being potentially recruited as a Jaeger pilot.

Divisions and PositionsEdit

Jaeger AcademyEdit

  • Kwoon (Fightmaster)
  • Assault Specialist
  • Psych Analyst
  • Conn-Pod Control Instructor


  • K-Watch
  • Kaiju Bio-Harvester
  • Hazmat Officer
  • Cryptozoologists


  • Weapons Specialist
  • Jaeger Engineer
  • Battle Programmer
  • Neural Bridge Operator

Strike Group personnelEdit

  • Shatterdome Marshall
  • LOCCENT Mission Controller
  • Jumphawk pilot
  • PADC Strike Trooper

Notable MembersEdit


  • Dustin Kreiger (Secretary-General)
  • Hercules Hansen (Overall Marshall of all Defence Corps)

K-Science OfficersEdit

  • Newton Geiszler
  • Ajay Jefferson

J-Tech/LOCCENT OfficersEdit

  • Caitlin Lightcap
  • Jasper Schoenfeld
  • Tendo Choi
  • Gary (or G for short)


  • Derek Richardson
  • Michael Richardson
  • Flag of Germany Black Meteor (destroyed)
    • Liang Qi (killed)
    • Jaksy Laker(new pilot)
    • Aldric Zydrick