Phalanx Delta
Phalanx Delta PADC blueprint
PADC blueprint for Phalanx Delta
Technical Information
Nickname(s) Hammer Head
Launch Date 2031
Classification Mark V
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Greece
Jaeger Specifications
Height 85 meters
Weight 2200 tons
Speed 7
Strength 11
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Equipment Guard-Type Spiked Feet

T-16 Angel Wings

Operating System Solar Vortex 1.9
Energy Core Renewable-type Accelerator
Weapons Tesla Fists


Body Language Street Fighter
Power Moves Ground Pound

Cranium Shaker

Soul Ripper

Pilots Alex Florence

Samantha Florence

Kaiju Killed 5
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Second Kaiju War

Hong Kong Incident

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Phalanx Delta is a Greek Mark V Jaeger stored in the London Shatterdome.

first deploymentEdit

Phalanx Delta was deploy together with Centurion Fist in peru to defeat a category lll,sawbite.


Phalanx Delta promotional v2

Phalanx Delta Propaganda art

During the 'Hong Kong incident" , Phalanx Delta was destroyed by the kajiu UUN-89,which was kill by Gargantuan moments later.