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Phoenix Delta is a Philippine Mark 2 jaeger launched in 2016. It is stationed in the Manila Shatterdome.

Phoenix Delta
Technical Information
Given Name Phoenix Delta
Nickname(s) Philippine Eagle

Mandirigma ng Maynila

Launch Date June 12, 2016
Classification Mark 2
Status destroyed
Country of Origin The Philippines
Jaeger Specifications
Height 250ft
Weight 1,900 Tons
Speed 9
Strength 10
Armor 10
Battle Specifications
Equipment TY/Escape Hatch

T-16 Angel Wings

4.211 "Brass Knuckles"

Weapons Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting Blades"

MK29 AKM Chest Launcher

7 GAU-12 Equalizers (Pop out from right arm)

Kaiju Killed 6
Out-of-Universe information


Since The Philippines was in Southeast Asia, the government decided that they needed their own jaeger to protect them instead of having to rely too much on others. The idea for Phoenix Delta was created with the help of jaeger architects from Australia. Australia also decided to lend some of their money in creating the jaeger (since they knew The Philippines couldn't pay for it entirely by themselves).

When the blueprints were finished, construction began in late 2015 but it was stopped 4 months later due to new and more powerful equipment that only became accessible after Phoenix's plan. The blueprints had to be redone, but it was completed very quickly and by mid 2016, construction had begun again. Phoenix delta defended indoesnia, Vietnam and Manila before it’s destruction in 2024. Phoenix picked up 6 Kaiju kills before it’s destruction, September 22, 2024 Phoenix delta is deployed in Brisbane Australia along side striker eureka and Vulcan specter to stop a catagory 4 Kaiju vandorlor who was 365ft tall in height and 200ft in legnth it was a centipede like Kaiju with 2 massive arms on both sides with 98 more small tiny ones, the Kaiju charges Vulcan specter knocking the Australian mech to the ground while Phoenix charges the Kaiju with a wrist blade to its large eyes and makes the Kaiju stumble back striker eureka charges the beast and grapples the Kaiju with Vulcan specter for 6 minuets the Kaiju swings it’s tail at Phoenix causing great amount of damage to the jaeger almost knocking it’s con-pod clean off it’s shoulders it then picks up Vulcan specter and toss the jaeger into the sea and striker is then slammed into the ocean, after this the Kaiju charges to the critically damaged Phoenix and bites one of its legs off causing the jaeger to loose more balance and fall so the Kaiju makes its way on top of the jaeger and bites it’s head off killing one of the pilots The other pilot was saved by striker eureka and Vulcan specter after Vulcan specter gets behind the beast And holding it in position for striker to launch its chest missiles killing the beast, Phoenix delta is placed in oblivion bay after its heroic sacrifice


This jaeger is based on the design of Striker Eureka. More coming soon.

Kaiju KilledEdit

Here is the list of Phoenix Delta's kaiju kills:

  1. Halimaw  - category 3, solo
  2. Swordhead - category 4, solo
  3. MAL-30 - category 4, solo
  4. Rockhead - category 4, turqoise echo
  5. Hakaisha  - category 3, colossal slayer
  6. Yolanda - category 3, turqosi echo, colossal slayer