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 Plagueis is a Kaiju that releases parasites.

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Biology and InformationEdit

Unlike other Kaiju, Plagueis prefers to remain hidden and only defend itself when discovered. It unleashes and many parasitic creatures that resemble different insects and arachnids. It dwells deep on the ocean floor.

The cockroach-like creatures it realeases, are the size of microbes and they cannot be filtered easily thus transferring them into the human body through drinking or washing water. They control the minds of their hosts.

The spider-like creatures it releases, spread disease e.g. influenza.

It can also unleash tiny creatures known as nano-sects. Nano-sects can disable any form of machinery within seconds.

Fortunately it is rather weak as its hide is easily penetrable. It resembles a giant sea slug with ten tentacles and its only defenses are its acid-filled tentacles and its acidic slime that it sprays though at times it can be seen unleashing nano-sects during battle. He was killed by Sapphire Thunder, but not after seriously damaging the Polish jaeger.

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