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 Polar Titan is a Mark 7 american Jaeger stationed in the Point Barrow Shatterdome.


Due to the quickly changing nature of the kaiju, Polar titan was built to be altered before combat, depending on the strengths and weaknesess of the kaiju. Multiple weapons systems have been developed, from stingblades, to cannons that shoot high-yeild nuclear weapons. Most commonly, it has a tesla-claw, plasmacaster/plasma blade (rotatable), shoulder missles, and the "lion claw" attachment, which can detach from the back and be placed on the tesla claw for extra power and defence. Notable other systems include jetpacks, long range nuke cannons, a fusion beam cannon, different armor, better reactor armor, shields, swords, drills, blades, whips, and kicking legs. Also, sometimes they remove most of the jaeger except the missles, move the plasmacaster to the bottom of the jaeger, thicken reactor armor, remove the legs, and attach jetpacks, so it can fly around.


Titan was first deployed to stop a catagory 3 kaiju that emerged from the atlantic breach, as a test of the concept, and to make sure that the loosened connectors held. The mission was succesful, as do most of its missions, as any kaiju that are intended to counteract one set of weapons are met with a different one.