Prime Merdian Deploying in battle

Crest shinelight is a Mark 2 Jaeger that is a new model that is like Tacit Ronin with Gipsy's Color


Given Name: Crest shinelight

Year Created: March 2nd 2016

Country of Origin: Russia

Kaiju Killed: 4

Status: Retired

Pilots: Dominick Marcello and Derrek Marcello

Attack Behavior: A Puma

Energy Core: Nuclear Electric Core

Weapons: Plasma Cannons and Tyson Punch

Kaiju Kill rosterEdit

[Knifeface] Unkown- Solo

[VC-12] Vancouver, Canada- Ocelot Roar

[Talisman] Tokyo, Japan- Coyote Tango

[Hounder]Manila, Philippines- Sound Tide