The Protection of Ireland Initiative(POII) is policy that took effect after the breach of Grafen in the year 2027.

History Edit

Initiation Edit

After the emergence of Grafen, the government of South Ireland decided to acquire funding from the UN to construct a small fleet of Jaegers to defend Ireland. Later also recruiting the O'Doherty Brothers, veteran J-Tech Engineers, to help design the Jaegers.

Blighting Death Edit

When a deadly virus devastated Ireland following the death of Anubis, a Category VI Kaiju and the destruction of a majority of their Jaegers. The Irish government enlisted aid from Pan Atlantic Defence Corps to tranfer Jaegers to help patrol the shores of Ireland, while being stationed to Cape Clear Shatterdome. All of the funding to the Jaegers were redirected to finding a cure and to stopping the virus from spreading. On December 16th, a cure was created.