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History Edit

In 2034, the M1-A2 Model Jaeger Frame was put into limited production shortly after Kaiju Cultists began their armed interventions. They were built solely for the use of ace pilots of the Kaiju Cult Investigation Squad. Unfortunately, despite their superiority to the base model Valor Omega and the skills of their pilots, the M1-A2 proved to be inadequate against the Drone Hybrids.

It was first used the United Nations after being convinced by Zeke Amarok to form an elite squad of Jaegers and Jaeger Pilots. Not long after, the Jaeger Squad, led by Becca Barnes and Sharon Foster, debuted Rage Ghost in battle against Mech Czar's Trinity Team in Guangzhou and forced them to make a tactical retreat. It later went on to fight the JH-1 Disintergrator when it was spotted in the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the skills of the pilots and the power of the Jaeger, it was not enough to prevent the Drone from getting the upper hand and destroying the Jaeger.

Features Edit

Rage Ghost uses a new type of blade that is developed from Striker Eureka's, which the latter also subsequently used. These new blades are more powerful and can heat themselves up. They are flanked by a pair of 155mm weapons. The paired 155mm linear guns may not seem like a significant improvement, but the smaller projectile requires far less power to fire. Consequently, the rate of fire is considerably higher; this weapon is similar to the Vulcan Gun.

Appearance wise, Rage Ghost is shares most of it's plating with Valor Omega, except that the latter's Cannons are replaced with blades. Besides the differences in appearance, Rage Ghost is also lighter than Valor Omega and this indicates that the former does have some major weight reduction modifications for it's melee-based weapons.