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This is about Dude and Larry's folk rock and blues duo, Raging Bluegrass Garfunkel (special thanks to Basilisk Centauri and Glitchrr36). 

Raging Bluegrass Garfunkel
Technical Information
Given Name Raging Bluegrass Garfunkel
Nickname(s) RBG - Those Noisy Gits Upstairs - Hashtag Apocalypse-Cancelled
Launch Date June 18, 2018 - November 1, 2021

May 4, 2024 (reunited)

Status Disbanded but reunited
Country of Origin U.S.A. - we think
Jaeger Specifications
Height Dude - Average

Larry - To Be Interrogated

Weight Dude - Even More Average

Larry - To Be Interrogated

Speed Variable BPM
Strength LOUD
Battle Specifications
Equipment A Funky Guitar

An Old Taco

Half a Drum Kit

Operating System Dafuq 2.0 Speaker-To-Instrument Compatibility Cables
Energy Core Candy and Sugary Drinks (also an average human being's diet)

Oil and Love (when the backup singers are around)

Body Language Don't Care Cos We Be Awesome

Dafuq Rockers

Power Moves "Super-Epic-Song-Finisher-Of-Awesomeness"

"The Larry"

"Do U Even Drift, Bro?"

Pilots Dude


Mecha-Chuck (Backup Singer)

Mecha-Yancy (Backup Singer)

Newton Geiszler (recurring DJ)

Hermann Gottlieb (recurring DJ)

Jena Malone (plays The Shoe -I s**t you not- on Kaiju [Cordon] Bleu and Accidental Selfies 2: Reunited

Kaiju Killed Mutavore because Mutavore had a terrible taste in music.
Out-of-Universe information


Dude and Larry worked at the Hong Kong Shatterdome for quite a while and they realized that they had more powers than hammerspace and finding random plot (fanon) devices... THEY BECAME THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED, RAGING BLUEGRASS GARFUNKEL!


Since Dude and Larry had never managed to keep RBG active for more than a week at a time on their own, a new craze came about with their music when Mecha-Chuck somehow got into the studio and attempt to sing along with Dude and Larry. That first song they played together, the officially unpublished "Kissing In The Conn-Pod" is given out to the VIP peeps at selected gigs. However, since that rather ungraceful first attempt (second one actually made it into the single) became a viral hit on YouTube, AnteTube, and Tubepocalypse (for all your Jaeger and Kaiju related videos), RBG has expanded to include others in their music as well. 

Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb make for the most interesting DJ Battles you'll ever hear. 


Here are the albums of Raging Bluegrass Garfunkel [work in progress] (names by TheUntouchableEric and Basilisk Centauri).

The Early Years Album SetEdit

  • Hammerspace - 2018
  • Accidental Selfies - 2018
  • I Broke A Jaeger - 2019
  • SHATterdome - 2020
  • Live in the Alaskan Shatterdome - 2020
  • Lake Titicaca - 2020
  • Kaiju [Cordon] Bleu - 2021
  • Accidental Selfies 2: Reunited - 2024
  • The Brown Album - 2024
  • Oh, Why-ju? (single)-2024

Kaiju Blues 2028 Premium AlbumEdit

  • Drifting Race-Jaegers - 2025
  • Slattern Ate My Mother - 2025
  • My Turtles Are Kaijus - 2025
  • What The Precursor?! - 2025
  • We Killed Mutavore - 2026
  • Cancellin' the Apocalypse! (Peanut butter jelly time remix) - 2027
  • Kaiju Turds Hundun It Again - 2027

Beyond The Blues: 2028-2029 Album CollectionEdit

  • Mecha-Crew - 2028
  • A Day In The Conn-Pod - 2028
  • Rhyme Time with Raging Bluegrass Garfunkel - 2029
  • It's The End Of The World As They Knoow It - 2029
  • Kaiju Blues - 2029

Boatswords Aren't The Only Ships 2030 AlbumEdit

  • Maleigh Is Canon - 2030
  • Yancy's Fly Is Naiomi Again - 2030
  • Chuckles Hansen - 2030
  • What The Pentamsin?! - 2030
  • Head-Explosive-Launchers -2030
  • Ships: The Fifth Wall - 2030

Discography (ft)Edit

Hong Kong Gongs: RBG ft The Wei Tang TripletsEdit

  • Gonna Set This Ju on FIY-AH! - 2024

Raging Shatterdome Staff: RBG ft Shatterdome StaffEdit

  • Pentecost Won't Let Me Order Chocolate - 2024
  • Why Did We Name That One Joe? - 2024

Uncategorised MusicEdit

  • What I Would Do With You And A Turtle - 2030

Music Samples:Edit

Slattern Ate My Mother:

  • Slattern ate my mother! (what a bitch!) Ohhh, Slattern ate my mother and Gipsy kicked it's ass! Deck the halls with trees and Jaegers cos Slattern ate my mother (what a bitch!) and boy it was horrific!
  • Yeahhhhh *dance music interlude instrumental*
  • YEAH! Slattern are my mother (what a bitch!) and boy it was horrific. Gipsy, fa-la-la-la, was a her-o, nuking the 'ju and takin' them out! Ohhh, Slattern ate my mother (what a bitch!) and Gipsy kicked it's ass! *more dance instrumental.*

A Song In Spanish That Might Be Translated Wrong But Was Actually Written By A Guy Who Knows How To Speak Spanish (The Breakfast Ballad):

  • Yo cómo el tocino (yo cómo el tocino y panqueques!), la leche de chocolate! El cereal, los huevos, el jamón, las salchichas, y pan tostado!!!
  • Translation: I eat bacon (I eat bacon and pancakes!), chocolate milk! Cereal, eggs, ham, sausages, and toast bread!!!