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Ragnorak Ghost is a Mark-V Jaeger.

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A Mark-V heavy arms Jaeger made for the PPDC. Unlike the other Jaegers, Ragnorak was designed to be an anti-ship combat Jaeger as opposed to an anti-Kaiju one. The current adaptation of Ragnorak is also known as the "Melee-Type" which contrasts another variant design considered that is known as the Physical-Type, distinguished by the their main type of armament. One of the main reasons for the development of Ragnorak was to keep its true form, Xamdrag Ghidraga away from the front lines. Both Ragnorak Melee and Ragonrak Physical were suggested.

Initially, the Physical-Type was the preferred type for the final design due in part to the PPDC's lack of melee weapons, as well as the fact that the Vibra technology development at the time was not sufficient enough to allow Melee-Type's heavy usage. Due to this and other factors, the development of both types were the slowest. At some point, both types went through much combat testing with other Jaegers and in the end, J-Tech made the decision to choose Melee-Type as the final form of Ragnorak mainly due to its compatibility with other Cadets in the data.