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Raiser Emperor, also known as The Matchless Warrior: Raiser Emperor, is the entity of insurmountable power and destructive capacity that is born when Podium Virtue, Fortuna Huntsman, Union Illusive, Superion Breaker, and Raiser Omega all perform the advanced Gattai process in order to merge their powers and bodies into a single combined, enormous, ultra powerful Jaeger. Raiser Emperor is considered the absolute pinnacle of Mara Kraff's work, and the original being in which she set out to design in order to crush the precursors and their kaiju.




Raiser Emperor, easily one of, if not the single most powerful and destructive Jaeger in existence, is born only when The 5 Jaeger which were designed to compose its body perform a Gattai together. Each of the 5 Jaeger contribute to forming its being, one of each serving as a limb and different component for the utterly massive monster that is Raiser Emperor. 





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