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Final ApocalypseEdit

After Jaeger after Jaeger fell to the new Kaiju in the new attacks, something had to be done. The Kaiju were getting close two one thousand feet, in other words, they were making Kaiju of Kaiju. Now we had to make a Jaeger of Jaegers. Each arm was built from the body parts of all fallen Jaegers, which had a jaeger in all ten of the arms. This made for a dangerous opponent of any Kaiju. Now it was killing the Kaiju faster than ever. But one day, a swarm of thousands attacked. the pilots made the mistakes of seeing only one so they charged but like a typhoon the Kaiju trampled the jaeger. It was the darkest hour. Only millions of nukes could stop the Kaiju, and that is what happened. Afterwords, only one Kaiju remained, limping, and fell over.


Rapture Reckoning is the final attack against the Kaiju and by far the most powerful jaeger standing at over 890 feet in order to battle the new batch of super Kaiju. The Kaiju required forty pilots to move it. The jaeger towers over the other jaegers and is made by many of their fallen parts. With fifteen arms, it is a danger to any Kaiju.

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