Technical Information
Given Name Rattlesnake
Launch Date March 13th , 2017

November 2nd, 2027 (Restoration)

Classification Mark-3

Mark-6 (Restoration)

Status Destroyed
Country of Origin United States of America
Jaeger Specifications
Height 270ft. (82.3m)
Weight 1,780 tons
Speed 7 (Former)


Strength 7 (Former)


Armor 7 (Former)


Battle Specifications
Equipment TY/Escape Hatch

SM-2 "Sound Zealots"

DP-5 Alarm

Operating System Blue Spark 6.1

Coral Spark Prototype 0.7

Energy Core Arc-9 reactor (analog)
Weapons I-19 Plasmacaster (Former)

Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blade" (Former)

Assult Mount 4 "Scythe-Blade"

S0.05 ProtoShot

Body Language Marine Mix Martial Arts
Power Moves Valkyrie Strike (Former)

Soundless Strike

Pilots Sarah Nelson (Deceased)

Dalton Carter (Deceased)

Jack Masterson (Deceased)

John Rave (Deceased)

Kaiju Killed 5
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Second Kaiju War

Rattlesnake was a Mark-3 Jaeger who defended the coast of Anchorage from Kaiju attacks. It was housed in the Anchorage Shatterdome and was originally piloted by American Rangers Sarah Nelson and Dalton Carter. Rattlesnake was then piloted by American Rangers Jack Masterson and John Rave during the Second Kaiju War. At the end 2023, the Jaeger was decommissioned due to insufficient fund. Also, it was later upgraded to a Mark-6.

Both Jack and John were recruited because of the 1st Phase of Project Poseidon.

Rattlesnake was shifted to the Vila Do Porto Shatterdome on 6th January 2034.

Features Edit

Before Restoration Edit

Rattlesnake was with I-19 Plasma caster and the Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blade" and also supported the WMB2x90 AKM Chest launcher which is used for its signature power move Shadow Strike. Its platinum visor gives it optimal visual awareness in battle.

After Restoration Edit


Restoration Edit

During Project Poseidon, researches found Rattlesnakes data base in the Shatterdome Library, showing that Rattlesnake had not been salvaged after 10 years since it was built. They had then dispatched 2 teams; one to get the Jaeger's pilot, and the other to fetch the Jaeger from Oblivion Bay. They had them replaced many of Rattlesnake weapons to try out a new variety of tech: Assault mounted Scythe Blades 4, S0.5 ProtoShot and its unique "Sound Zealots

Final Deployment (Blighting Death) Edit

2035 August 22nd, approximately 1400 GMT, Rattlesnake was sent with Jade Twister, Dragoon Huntā, Omega Wilde...

Fighting StyleEdit

Due to both Jack and John being Marines, Rattlesnake uses Marines Mixed Martial Arts making it a very formidable fighter. They capitalize on the Jaegers speed and strength but due to caution often fire the I-19 Plasmacaster first to try to wound the Kaiju then engage it in close combat. Rattlesnake has one of the best kill counts thanks to its fighting style.

With the new technology offered druing the start of the 2nd war, Jack and John used the art of the deception to help them turn the tide of the battle. Dubbed "Soundless Strike", the Jaeger would deploy drones that are able to mimic the cries of Kaijus past and present. This is would then cause the Kaiju to let its gaurd down for a few moments, leaving an opening for the pilots to end the vile beast.



Rattlesnake has an itchy trigger finger, Kaiju beware