Classification: Mark 4

Country of Origin: United States

Kills: 7

Weapons: AKM missiles.

Status: KIA


Ravager Genesis was constructed in 2049 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This massive jaeger was a plan cooked up in a coloberative effort with Japan. It stands on three massive legs with the torso containing the reactor. It's small head sits on the torso with massive AKM missile launchers on the shoulders. It's right arm is a typical arm size with a fist and it's left arm is a massive arm with a large hammar for a hand.


Ravager is stationed in the New York City shatterdome alongside Freedom Omega, Olympic Royal, and Nova Sierra. It is first deployed in 2050 when the kaiju Rachnius breaches the miracle mile. Ravager and Rachnius stand off for several hours before Ravager grabs a nearby plane on a runway and uses out as a melee weapon, buying him enough time to engage with AKM missiles, earning him his first kill.

Ravager is redeployed to Baltimore Shatterdome here he scores 6 more kills before being destroyed by Kajiu Lucifer.

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