Raven Prime is a Jaeger constructed to deal with the Atlantic Breach, it was finished in 2035 and only fought in one battle before being destroyed. It is a MK V Jaeger identical to Striker Eureka and features many new upgrades to speed since the Pacific Breach.


Raven Prime began construction in 2033 and was completed in 2034 by the United States in the New York City Shatterdome. The Jaegers pilots are brothers from West Point Academy that excelled in their military careers before becoming pilots. The Jaeger was destroyed after one battle in 2035.Searches rescues had been made to find the jaeger but no avail. 


Raven Prime features a rust colored body with an emblem that clearly stands out on its chest. It has upgraded hydraulics in the arms and legs, making it a very fast jaeger however at the expense of its armor plating. The amount of plating wasn't sufficent enough to save it in 2035. It has 8 chest cannons that do massive damage (however they were never used) as well as a plasma cannon in the fist. 

Raven Prime
Technical Information
Given Name Raven Prime
Nickname(s) Rusty
Launch Date 2035
Classification MK V
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin USA
Jaeger Specifications
Height 260ft
Weight 250tons
Speed 10
Strength 6
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Weapons Chest Cannon, Fist Plasma Cannon
Body Language Fast Stab Form
Power Moves Raven Dive
Pilots Allen Dag

Orpheus Jackson

Out-of-Universe information

Reports and recordings Edit

"Calling HQ,this is Raven Prime,my copliot is gone and dead need backup"
―Last recording from Orpheus Jackson
"The mystery of the Reappearance of Raven Prime in the singapore attack,bluffed many of the PPDC"
―from Channel 5