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Recon Angel
Technical Information
Given Name Recon Angel
Nickname(s) Angel
Launch Date 7 December 2041
Classification Mark 7
Status Active
Jaeger Specifications
Height 241 feet
Weight 1.434
Speed unconfirmed
Strength 9
Armor 8
Battle Specifications
Equipment Jetpack, Active Camo, motion sensor, sonar vision, night vision, heat vision, X-Ray vision
Weapons A Long Range Kaiju Piercing Snper Rifle, 2 Plasma SMG, 2 nano skin blades
Body Language mixed martial art
Pilots Kiera Angelica
Kaiju Killed 14
Out-of-Universe information
 Recon Angel is a Mark 7 steath Jaeger, based on the Ghost Assasin, a Mark 7 prototype

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