Issued by the United Nations due to demand by both PPDC and the public, Project: Renaissance ordered the restoration, recommissioning and upgrading of as many Jaegers in Oblivion Bay as possible. 

Jaegers RestoredEdit


  • Tacit Ronin (Japan)
  • Romeo Blue (USA)
  • Lotus Blitz (China)
  • Brawler Yukon (Canada)
  • Coyote Tango (Japan)


  • Diablo Intercept (South America)
  • Solar Prophet (South America)
  • Lucky Seven (China)
  • Echo Saber (Japan)


  • Huntā Dragoon


  • Hydra Corinthian (USA)
  • Nova Hyperion (South Korean)
  • Soul Omega (South Korea)
  • Delta Guardian (Greenland)
  • Reaper Delta (USA)

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