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Rex Wilson
Vital statistics
Position PADC Ranger

U.S. Navy Lt. Commander

Age 27
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5 ft 9 inches
Weight 195 lbs.
Lieutenant Commander Rexford "Rex" Wilson, also known by his callsign "Cesar", is a Ranger and a member of the Pan Atlantic Defence Corps and one of the pilots of the Jaegers Devildog Ruler and Leatherneck Omega.

Early Life & K DayEdit

Coming Soon.

Career in the Navy & Joining the Jaeger ProgramEdit

Coming Soon.

Early Days at the Jaeger AcademyEdit

Coming Soon.

Atlantic IncursionEdit

Coming Soon.

Second Kaiju WarEdit

Coming Soon.

Jaegers PilotedEdit



  • Unnamed mother(deceased)
  • Unnamed father(deceased)
  • Ryan Wilson (brother)

Significant OthersEdit

  • Liza Clark (Co-pilot & friend)

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