Romeo Blue 2.0
Technical Information
Given Name Romeo Blue 2.0
Nickname(s) Romeo and Juliet Combat
Launch Date December 20th 2025
Classification Mark 2
Status Active
Country of Origin USA
Jaeger Specifications
Height same as Romeo Blue
Weight Same as Romeo Blue
Speed 4
Strength 9
Armor 8
Battle Specifications
Equipment Escape Pods and Up Graded versions of Romeo Blue
Operating System Tabushi energy 2.1
Energy Core Nuclear Combine
Weapons Piston fists, Headbutt and Tesla Fists
Body Language Leatherback
Power Moves Piston fist
Pilots Alexander Ramirez Mark Anthony Joeseph(formerly) Gavin McDonald (new Pilot)
Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information
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Romeo Blue 2.0's historyEdit

After Romeo Blue's death Romeo Blue had been rebooted as put together with Tacit Ronin and Romeo Blue's torso without the huge thing in Romeo's face.The legs of Striker Eureka and the arms and hands of Cherno Alpha. After the construction the Jaeger was on the Kaiju kill streak Mark Anthony Claims he wants to pilot with his brother in Azure Defiant