Rouge Xi
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Technical Information
Given Name Rouge Xi
Nickname(s) Rouge
Launch Date June 16th 2020
Classification Mark VIII
Status Alive
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Jaeger Specifications
Height 245ft. (75m)
Weight 70,000,000 lbs
Speed 9
Strength 8
Armor 6
Battle Specifications
Equipment J-14 Dorsal Thrust Engines, Medusa-3 Connpod Ejection Points, 'Icebreaker' Chest Prow, 'Bug Ear' Amplified Radar Protrusions (connpod mount).
Operating System Arbiter Tac-Conn 12
Energy Core XIG Supercell Chamber
Weapons Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blades" and Thermal Missiles
Body Language Emperor Scorpion
Power Moves Thermal Ice
Pilots Alexander Brimley and Joshua Brimley
Kaiju Killed 10
Out-of-Universe information


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