Royal Sigma
Royal Sigma2
Technical Information
Given Name Royal Sigma
Launch Date March 8, 2026
Classification Mark V
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin England
Jaeger Specifications
Height 250ft(76)
Weight 1,800 Tons
Speed 8
Strength 8
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment TY/Escape Hatch
Operating System Red Star Gen 3
Energy Core XIG Supercell Chamber
Weapons Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blade"

Expermintal Plasmacaster (upgrade)

Body Language Street Fighter/Brawler
Power Moves Gutter
Pilots Conner Johnson

Elise Worthington

Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Second Kaiju War
Royal Sigma is a Mark 5 Jaeger that defends the costline of England from all Kaiju attacks. It is stationed in the London Shatterdome. It is piloted by American Ranger Conner Johnson and English Ranger Elise Worthington.


The Jaeger is designed for close combat and is equip with retractable sting blades. Its go impressive armor that doesnt effect its speed allowing the jaeger to evade attacks and quickly get some hits in as well. As it barrows the sting blade design from the more famous Mark 5 Striker Eureka, it also barrows the conn pod design includeing its platinum visor giving it on of the best visual awarness of the Mark 5. It lacks any ranged weapons making it strictly up close combat Jaeger.


It's first deployment is defeat a category l kajiu, silcedice in 2027.

In 2035,knight bravo and Royal sigma went to Morcco,Africa to hunt down Anubis and night wraith

Fighting StyleEdit

Royal Sigma uses two fighting styles based on the pilots. The street fighting style uses its speed to dodge and get in quickly for a few hits before the enemies next attack and uses anything as a weapon. The street fighting style comes from Elise's time as a rebel without a cause as she was known for being able to take on men bigger and heaveir than her. The brawler style which is mixed in capitalizes on the Jaegers armor and strength as it gets in and stays up close only blocking rather than dodgeing. This style comes from Conner who when growing up was not afraid to take a hit to get his own hits in. Due to drifting with each other they have found a way to mix the styles together which are regarded as opposites due to one using speed to dodge and land a few hits while the other focuses on staying in and pounding the enemy.


Royal Sigma

Royal Sigma ready for any Kaiju who comes his way

Royal Sigma blue prints

Royal Sigmas blueprints