The Sapien NeuroCarnage Virus (SNC-Virus) or widely known as K-Virus, is an extremely deadly virus bred  by the Precursers to wreak havoc on Earth. The devastation will be one of the main events that devastated the Earth during the event Blighting Death. This pathogen spreads by both water and exchange of fluids.

Infectious BeginningEdit

Scientists have, after much research, concluded that the virus carried and produced in the mouth of the the Kaiju, Anubis. After its death on September 1st 2034 in Limerick, Ireland, where the virus first was found, the Kaiju's carcass was hauled back to an Aircraft Carrier on top of boats through the waterways and canals, after it was presumably sterilized. Unknown to the the crew however, the virus had not died out yet and contaminated the water.


SNC, like the name suggests, targets the human brain. A few hours after being infected, the host would starts having an uncontrollable rash around its abdomen.

After about 1 week, loss of appetite will ensue.

Patients of the virus would then start to be aggressive and easily agitated.

The rash would start to get blue and the skin around would get dry and rough.

After another 1-2 days, the hosts skin would turn entirely blue with the rash spots becoming a illuminating turquoise bulged.

The host pupils will burst and its blood and saliva will turning turquoise as well. It would then become part of a hive mind.

Preventative MeasuresEdit