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Sapphire Gem is one of the co-pilots of Dual Hawk, along with Quartz Gem and, later, Ruby Gem.


Sapphire has golden wheat hair, which she normally wears wavy, and hazel eyes.  Her left eye has flecks of red, due to the Drift with Quartz breaking as she attempted to kill Seasnake. (The red flecks are not there prior to Quartz's death.) She is approximately 1.52 metres, or 4.99 feet, tall.


Sapphire is generally shy and modest, opposite of how Quartz is arrogant. However, she can expertly pilot the Jaeger, with the commands coming from her 56% of the time when piloting with Quartz.


Early LifeEdit

Sapphire was born on the 7th July 2009, a year after her sister, Quartz, and a year before her other sister, Ruby.  She lived a happy life in Yorkshire, and was four when Trespasser came through the Breach.  She saw the broadcast as Quartz was channel-flicking.

Alaskan HolidayEdit

During 2024, Sapphire's family were on holiday in Alaska, near Anchorage, which Ruby was particularly excited for, being a self-proclaimed Jaeger Fly. During the holiday, however, a Kaiju appears in the middle of a snowball fight, and their parents rush the trio to safety, before the Kaiju kills their parents. They then walk into the Shatterdome, where they are adopted by a member of the LOCCENT crew (who stays on when the PPDC moves to Hong Kong) and enrolled into the Jaeger Academy.

Kodiak IslandEdit

Sapphire and Quartz had a total of twenty-three kills in twenty-three simulated drops before the sunset of the Jaeger Program. When the program sunset, Ruby, Sapphire and Quartz moved to Hong Kong, to be with their adoptive father. However, when Impact breaches nearly two years later they are rushed into Dual Hawk, the first Mark-VI.