Sapphire thunder

Sapphire Thunder.

Sapphire Thunder

Sapphire Thunder is a Polish jaeger built in 2030, one of the long lasting Mark 6 Jaegers. He was stationed at the Warsaw Shatterdome, alongside Dark Crystal.


Sapphire Thunder
Technical Information
Nickname(s) S.T.
Launch Date July 27, 2030
Classification Mark 6
Status Active
Country of Origin Poland
Jaeger Specifications
Height 300 FT (91.44 Meters)
Weight 2,000 Tons
Speed 30
Strength 30
Armor 30
Battle Specifications
Equipment TY/Escape Hatch T-16 Angel Wings
Operating System Arbiter Tac-Conn 12
Energy Core Energy Core XIG Supercell Chamber
Weapons 4.211 "Brass Knuckles" Weapons Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blades"WMB2x90 AKM Chest Launcher
Body Language Dirty Boxer
Power Moves Six Shooter


Pilots Sebastian Chaber


Kaiju Killed 50
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim 2

Second Kaiju War Third Kaiju War

Early HistoryEdit

Sapphire Thunder was constructed in Poland in 2030, being the first ever Polish jaeger. He is a Mark 6 jaeger that was first deployed against a Category 6 kaiju, Ravenger, who attack Warsaw. Ravenger wasn't able to do any damage to Warsaw, as he was killed in a single punch. His second deployment in Moscow, Russia, alongside fellow Mark 6 jaeger Dark Crystal, also a Polish jaeger , earned him his fourth kaiju kill, in only his second deployment,and Crystal's first, against a Quadruple Event consisting of Category 7's, Harder, Slayer, Bloodlust and Drowner. Sapphire killed Bloodlust, Drowner and Slayer. His third deployment was against a category eight kaiju called Bluemouth in the Indian Ocean, which he successfully defeated getting him his fifth kaiju kill. Add More.

Baltic Breach Misson "Operation Polish Pitfall Edit

Baltic Breach Misson "Operation Polish Pitfall" was the major attack against the Baltic Sea Breach. The jaegers that took part in it were all Polish.Sapphire Thunder,Striker Delta,White Eagle,Dark Crystal V2 and more jagers took part in it. MORE TO COME

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