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Savage Viper
Savage Viper

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Technical Information
Given Name Savage Viper
Nickname(s) Viper
Launch Date 13th March 2031
Classification Mark-6
Status Retired
Country of Origin United Kindgdom
Jaeger Specifications
Height 280ft.(85.3m)
Weight 2,040 tons
Speed 9
Strength 11
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Equipment Rocket boosters
Operating System Blue Spark 5.1
Energy Core Arc-11 Analog Reactor
Weapons Electric Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blade"

Hand saw I-19 plasmacaster Z-14 Tesla fist

Body Language Kendo
Power Moves Half-Nelson
Pilots Katlyn Bennion

Daniella Bennion Weston Bennion Jackson Bennion Oliver Jones

Kaiju Killed Thorguma; Pyrorax; Mutavore; Leatherback; Ausis; Phaguar; Firugon; Scunner; Blajin; Ataximera; Aeridragon; Fimutul
Out-of-Universe information

Savage Viper is a mark 6 jaeger that was stationed at the London Shatterdome until the end of the second kaiju war when it was put in a jaeger museum.

History Edit

4 years after the Second Kaiju War began, Savage Viper was launched on March 13, 2031. Piloted by 4 cousins, sisters Katlyn and Daniella Bennion alongside their cousins Weston And Jackson Bennion who were brothers, Savage Viper was the 6th strongest and the fastest jaeger ever built. It was the seventh Mark-6 jaeger built and had the 4th best stats of any jaeger.

The British Jaeger Bay spent 31,034,215,600 British Pounds which is equivalent to $40 billion US Dollars.

Savage Viper was credited with killing 21 kaiju, either solo or assisted by a jaeger squad. The jaeger has been sent to many locations. This mark-6 jaeger was most active in 2049. Savage Viper has killed many kaiju in Australia, UK, US, Canada , Japan, and Hong Kong and more.

Of the 13 deployments, Viper's first deployment was in Alaska with the Mark-5 jaeger Strider Zeta, which was piloted by Alex and Elijah Ledoux, to kill the kaiju Aethesaurus.

Savage Viper is the first British jaeger. The Bennion pilots were called because they are cousins and are the best set of pilots available.

Kaiju killed

The following is a roster of Kaiju defeated by Savage Viper, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Aethesaurus 10/17/2032 Anchorage, USA Strider Zeta
Thorguma 1/8/2033 Los Angeles, USA Grim Chinook
Pyrorax 2/21/2036 San Francisco, USA (Solo)
Mutavore 6/4/2038 Sydney, Australia (Solo)
Leatherback 11/27/2039 Hong Kong, Hong Kong Strider Zeta
Ausis 12/25/2041 London, UK Aztec Skyline
Phaguar 7/3/2042 Ottawa, Canada (Solo)
Firugon 1/1/2045 Tokyo, Japan (Solo)
Scunner; Clawbite; Spinehammer 8/24/2049 New York City, USA Grim Chinook,Aztec Skyline,Strider Zeta
Blajin; Amphiguar; Ataximera; Bliras; Titarigar; Giganrax

Thunros; Grizda; Aeridragon; Fimutul

6/14/2051 Indian Ocean Breach Grim Chinook; Aztec Blood; Orion Victor