Scorn Edit

Scorn was the first Cat. ll that came out of the Atlantic Breach on February 7, 2026

Technical Information
Given Name Scorn
Breach Date February 7, 2026
Category Catagory ll
Status Alive
Origin Anteverse, Atlantic Breach
Kaiju Specifications
Height 728ft
Weight 8,210 tons
Speed 20+
Strength 20+
Armor 20+
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Uses massive arm and long snout to tear through Jaeger's.
Toxicity Extremely High
Powers Unbreakable armor and runs on its hind legs for speed
Weaknesses ???
Target Information
City Targeted Manhattan, New York
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Soviet Elite

Biology Edit

Scorn has a head like a spinosaurus with inpenetrapable armor like exoskeleton that's nearly impossible to break through. Scorn, like Scunner, walks on two legs with two massive arms that are connected on each side, both having 3 massive claws. It also has 2 smaller arms under the chest which both have 4 fingers. Scorn also contains a massive sail on its back that's covered in armor and the top has a sharp blade like bone running along his back.

History Edit

On February 7, 2026 Scorn came out of the Atlantic breach and started going to Manhattan. It was met at the ten mile mark by Soviet Elite. Scorn ran and jumped at Soviet. Soviet back handed Scorn away. The Soviet used its stingbalde to cut one of Ironback's eyes. Scorn stood up on its hind legs and opened its mouth and bit on Soviet's "head." Ironback then realised that the pilots weren't in the cooling tower. But by then, Soviet had stabbed it in the stomach with its chain sword. Ironback dove under the ocean to gain some distance. Then it jumped at Soviet and stratched it.