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The Second Kaiju war was a conflict fought between humanity and the Precursors for control of the planet earth between the years 2027 and 2055. Earth served as the battleground. Humanity's weapon of choice was a series of large mechanical or biomechanical robotic platforms known as Jaegers, while the Precursors relied on bioengineered creatures designated Kaiju deployed from interdimensional rifts under earth's oceans.

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Timeline Edit


January Edit

  • End of the 1st Kaiju war with closure of the Pacific Breach.

August Edit


November Edit

  • November 4th, energy signature detected from deep within the North Atlantic Ocean.

December Edit

  • December 13th, the first Category VI Kaiju, made land in Indonesia.
  • December 26th, Global Economy stabilizes from the First Kaiju War.


February Edit

May Edit

  • May 1st, existing Shatterdomes around the world are now fully operational.
  • May 3rd, Kaiju Science and Jaegers Engineering re-opening up in Universities.

June Edit

  • June 14th, construction of new Mark-7 Jaegers at Hong Kong, Anchorage and Las Vegas Shatterdomes.


March Edit

  • March 24th, completion of most of the new Shatterdomes. (ref. February 29th)
  • March 30th, restoration of Jaegers that fought in the 1st Kaiju War, under the Renaissance Project, at new Shatterdomes.
  • March 31st, Newton Geiszler revolutionizes Jaeger technology through building Voltron, a Jaeger replica of the cartoon robot.

June Edit

  • June 19th, Beginning of construction of San Marino and California Shatterdomes.

July Edit

November Edit


July Edit

  • July 12th, Indian Breach opens.
  • July 15th, Herald Fury defends the Australian West Coastline against Razorback.

August Edit

  • August 18th, Herald Fury defends the Australian West Coastline against Terradown.
  • August 29th, both Pacific and Atlantic breaches re-open.


  • December 23rd, Herald Fury and Render Edge defends Perth against Gesta, Otachi 2.0, and Gamma. The Jaegers won the fight with the cost of Render Edge's life.


January Edit

  • January 13, Battle of Cape Reingna kicks of "Te Patu" with the destruction of 2 Jaegers. This event can be roughly translated from Maori to "The Killing"
  • January 24, The 3 Kaijus Kaisect, Zoelephant and Ravana are finally killed at Wellington. Ending the event that is "Te Patu".

February Edit

  • February 3rd, energy signatures various points of earth suggest the opening of multiple portals on Earth's seabeds. Existing jaegers begin to be dispatched to different parts of the world.

March Edit

July Edit

  • July 4th, Herald Fury sent to defend Perth once again to defeat a category VII Kaiju, Krai.


January Edit

  • January 2nd,  experimental Mark VII Jaeger hybrid Silver Wolf is deployed in Boston.

March Edit

  • March 29th, The first Cat VI Kaiju, Makara, emerges from the Indian Ocean.
  • March 29th, Gigan, Megalon, and Hedorah emerge from the Aegean Sea.

June Edit

September Edit

  • September 3rd, official opening of Cape Clear and Vila Do Porto Shatterdomes.
  • September 21st, Herald Fury defends Perth successfully against Peligro and Gigan.


June Edit

  • June 19th, Corps around the globe reach its pinnacle point with almost 50 active Jaegers.
  • June 20th, Herald Fury and Fisting Benevolence successfuly defends Palawan, Philippines against Aribaga.

November Edit

  • November 11th, The first Double-Category V Kaiju Event.
  • November 22nd, Herald Fury faces a cloned Scunner and defeats it.


April Edit

May Edit

  • May 2nd, Herald Fury takes on a 1-v-4 versus Taija, Dragonite, Shrafi, and Gigan, again. Herald Fury defeats them with a recorded one-third of health remaining, the highest for a 1-v-4. Herald Fury then undergoes a 7 month repair for major damage, and addition of new weapons such as a Chain Sword.
  • Gigan, after abandoning his allies, summons backup in the form of Ebirah, Orga, Zilla, and Destoroyah.


  • Completion of Ghost Assassin and its first mission against a second Hundun.
  • The first time a Kaiju defends a city from another. The sentient Kaiju is now know as Gargantuan.
  • Gargantuan defends Miami from Rodan.
  • Triple Category V event starts with Sylar, Scion, Night Wraith led by Anubis, a Cat VI, in the Mediterranean Breach; and the destruction 19 jaegers along with New Zealand, such as Jade Twister, Royal Sigma , Dragoon Huntā, Rattlesnake and the legendary Devildog Ruler. The battle took 3 months to complete, and spread across 2 continents. This year was known as Blighting Death event and the Kaijus as the 4 Horsemen of apocalypse.
  • Herald Fury is deployed at Darwin, Australia to defend a cloned Slattern and defeats it.


  • Echo Titan is deployed again and wins another battle but is severley damaged and is retired.
  • Raven Prime is destroyed in its first battle against a catagory IV Kaiju in the Atlantic.
  • Freedom Omega is deployed for an easy victory off the atlantic coast.
  • MK VI Jaeger, Sigma Arctic is completed and quickly deployed for its first victory.
  • Singapore now one of the main bases for repairing and restoration Jaegers, starts to join the war with the construction of one Jaeger, Starlight Marina.


  • Dragon Miralis officially deployed to exterminate the Kaiju Gurak in Santiago. Mission successful...barely.
  • Starlight Marina is severely wounded in its first battle against Godzilla.
  • Freedom Omega has a second deployment this time against a MK V Kaiju and is victorious.
  • Indian Ocean Breach is opened. A Category 6, Hidoyoshi, attacks Singapore. Taken down by Raven Prime, who is taken down by Rodan after reducing the city to rubble.
  • Sigma Arctic defeats 3 Kaiju in 6 months with the help of its unique four arm design.
  • Herald Fury battles Kwiyut and Rambo at Sydney.
  • Herald Fury's last battle before first retirement. Herald Fury battles Rodan and Ebirah at Hong Kong.


TheBeast is created.



  • Jaeger Hammerhead is decomissioned by the United States.
  • Mecha-Fury is launched by Australia, to protect the west coast.
  • Leatherneck Omega is upgraded to Mark VIX specifications.
  • Noveria Alpha retired due to irreparable damage caused by Battra in 2038.
  • Shrike, Drexor, and Zregling emerge from the breach.
  • Atlantic Breach sealed, Sigma Arctic retired.
  • Antlion re-emerges from the Australian Breach, modified by the Precursors and three times larger than its original size. Antlion has been moved to Category 7.
  • Antlion destroys most of New Zealand, going for the strongholds of the humans and then destroying neighboring islands as well.
  • Rodan flies over to assist Antlion.
  • Herald Fury is forced to return and is deployed at Perth to defend from Trisky and Varan.
  • Valcary is repaired and re-deployed, and finally disposes of Antlion. Antlion's skeletal remains are placed in an Australian museum. Rodan escapes, however.
  • Shrike, Zregling, and Drexorai breach, and destroy New York and 12 Jaegers.
  • Turbo Destroyer and Steel Warrior are launched by the UAE
  • Herald Fury is once again deployed at Darwin and barely wins the battle against Cat. IX Regiken.

Timeline 2040sEdit


  • The Harbinger officially revealed.
  • Herald Fury defends Sydney from Tauri.
  • Herald Fury also defends Sydney from Kamacuras.

2043 Edit

  • Herald Fury wins its last battle against Qerai and Gigan at Perth.

2045 Edit

  • Herald Fury is retired. Ken and Ren Arnold retires from service. Herald Fury marks the record for the longest Jaeger service, at 21 years.

Timeline 2050s + onwardEdit

2053 Edit

  • Constuction of Mark VIII Jaeger Basilisk Surgeon.


  • Arctic Sea Breach sealed. Almost the End of Second Kaiju War. Jaeger Program remains on alert for future Kaiju incursions.
  • Earth starts to venture the universe for materials and resources to rebuild the cities on Earth.
  • Mark VII Jaeger Ascendant Justice is put into construction.
  • Operation Extinction takes place and ends up destroying the Pacific Breach which ends the 2nd Kaiju War


  • All cities on Earth rebuilt.
  • Azure Defiant was shredded for metal parts.


Burst of Kaiju activity on Mars and the Moon, repelled by orbital bombardment. Martian and Lunar Breaches eventually sealed by pissed-off colonists with lots of mining explosives. Edit


  • All previously known Breaches reopen. All Kaiju regroup. Antarctic Ocean Breach opens. Caspian Sea Breach opens. Indian Ocean Breach opens. Great Lakes Breach opens. Red Sea Breach opens.  Beginning of 3rd Kaiju War. Looks like they'll always be back...

Sometime waaay in the Future...Edit


They found out that other kaijus are earth born from a nuclear weapons and it was Godzilla and Mortha helped to destory the Breach forever.

  • The Jaeger Program finishes off the Kaiju once and for all, ending the Precursor threat.
  • The Precursors themselves emerge from the Breaches as Kaiju finish off the last strongholds of Humanity.
  • OR


The Precursors come out of the Breach along with 187 Kaiju.215 Jaegers are deployed to stop them.Only one Jaeger and Kaiju survives, the two battle, and the world is either saved or destroyed. For more info view Marine Crusader or Soninth-II 


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