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The Second Kaiju war was a conflict fought between humanity and the Precursors for control of the planet earth between the years 2027 and 2055. Earth served as the battleground. Humanity's weapon of choice was a series of large mechanical or biomechanical robotic platforms known as Jaegers, while the Precursors relied on bioengineered creatures designated Kaiju deployed from interdimensional rifts under earth's oceans.

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Timeline Edit


January Edit

  • End of the 1st Kaiju war with closure of the Pacific Breach.

May Edit

August Edit


November Edit

  • November 4th, energy signature detected from deep within the North Atlantic Ocean.

December Edit

  • December 15th, the first Mark 6 jaeger, Falco Vortex is created
  • December 26th, Global Economy stabilizes from the First Kaiju War.


February Edit

May Edit

  • May 1st, existing Shatterdomes around the world are now fully operational.
  • May 3rd, Kaiju Science and Jaegers Engineering re-opening up in Universities.
  • Vulcan Valor kills Dogora in Honolulu.

June Edit

  • June 14th, construction of new Mark-6 Jaegers at Hong Kong, Anchorage and Las Vegas Shatterdomes after successful testing of Falco Vortex.
  • June 16th Unknown Jaeger spotting around the Atlantic ocean,Falco Vortex was tasked to find the Jaeger


March Edit

  • March 14th, Vulcan Valor defeats Kamacuras
  • March 24th, completion of most of the new Shatterdomes. (ref. February 29th 2027)
  • March 30th, restoration of Jaegers that fought in the 1st Kaiju War, under the Renaissance Project, at new Shatterdomes.

June Edit

  • June 19th, Beginning of construction of San Marino and California Shatterdomes.

July Edit

August Edit

November Edit

December Edit

  • the PPDC now start contruction of many jaegers to prepare for war
  • December 16th, Vulcan Valor and Valor Omega defeat Shrikethorn.
  • PPDC and PADC start hunting for many kaiju left in the sea that breached out of the Atlantic Breach


March Edit

April Edit

July Edit

  • July 12th, Wharton Breach opens in the Indian Ocean.
  • July 15th, Herald Fury defends the Australian West Coastline against Razorback.

August Edit

  • August 18th, Herald Fury defends the Australian West Coastline against Terradown.
  • Vulcan Valor is upgraded into an A.I controlled Jaeger after her pilots deaths.

December Edit

  • December 23rd, Herald Fury and Render Edge defends Perth against Gesta, Otachi 2.0, and Gamma. The Jaegers won the fight with the cost of Render Edge's life.
  • Moguera Prime kills Botanica in Cuba alongside Legion Plus.


January Edit

  • January 24th, Nyhon No Ryu was reviewed to the first mark 6 Jaeger and the Unknown jaeger around the Atlantic ocean

March Edit

  • March 23rd, creation of the Arctic Defense Corps, to fight off the Kaiju in the Arctic Ocean.(Timeline splits from main fanon)
  • Neon Intercept and Vulcan Valor defeat Trilopod.

July Edit

  • July 4th, Herald Fury sent to defend Perth once again to defeat a category VII Kaiju, Krai.


January Edit

  • January 2nd,  experimental Mark VII Jaeger hybrid Silver Wolf is deployed in Boston.

June Edit

September Edit


June Edit

  • June 19th, Corps around the globe reach its pinnacle point with almost 50 active Jaegers.
  • Pulau Ubin Shatterdome is compete.

November Edit

  • November 22nd, Phase two of Project Altas starts.
  • November 29th, Aurora Devastation is complete and is immediately deployed to stop Category VI Kaiju Manticore.


  • December 29th, Phuket and Jakarta Shatterdomes officially open.


April Edit

July Edit

  • July 7th , Ghost Assassin is launched to test the Active Camo Modulde.
  • July 21st, Five rogue jaegers were captured


March Edit

  • The first time a Kaiju defends a city from another. The sentient Kaiju is now known as Gargantuan.
  • Vulcan Valor prevents Catergory VI Kaiju Phos from reaching the coast of Japan.

August Edit

  • August 22nd, 'Blighting Death' begins as the 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse arises from the Atlantic Breach which was the last efforts of precursors to weaken humanity

December Edit


January Edit

  • 7th January, Raven Prime is destroyed in its first battle against a catagory IV Kaiju rhino in the Atlantic.
  • Freedom Omega is deployed for an easy victory off the atlantic coast.
  • Singapore now one of the main bases for repairing and restoration Jaegers, starts to join the war with the consruction of one Jaeger, Starlight Marina.
  • January 13th, Moguera Prime successfully defends Perth from Category IV Kaiju Rhino.

June Edit

  • singapore starts using destroyed jaeger parts from the event Blighting Death to continue phase three of Project Altas.
  • June 1st, pharse two begins

Valor Omega and Moguera Prime are transferred to the Detroit Shatterdome as reinforcements.

Pacific Rim Uprising Edit

  • Scrapper captured
  • Introduction of Shao Drones
  • Shao Drone attack
  • Emergence of three Kaiju, Hakuja, Shrikethorn, and Raijin
  • Defence of Mt. Fuji
  • Destruction of Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, Bracer Pheonix, and Guardian Bravo at the hands of the Mega-Kaiju

November Edit

Demember Edit

  • Opening of multiple Breaches signalling the beginning of The Second Kaiju War
  • Quintuple Event hits Brisbane,Australia stating the biggest Kaiju attack of the Second Kaiju War,Jaeger Operation Successful

2036 Edit

  • Dragon Miralis officially deployed to exterminate the Kaiju Gurak in Santiago. Mission successful...barely.
  • Starlight Marina is severely wounded in its first battle against Godri
  • Freedom Omega has a second deployment this time against a Category V Kaiju and is victorious.

June Edit

  • Indian Ocean Breach is opened. A Category 6, Hidoyoshi, attacks Singapore. Taken down by a unknown jaeger which is simliar to Raven Prime.
  • Project Altas delayed.
  • Sigma Arctic defeats 3 Kaiju in 6 months with the help of its unique four arm design.
  • Herald Fury battles Kwiyut and Rambo at Sydney.
  • Herald Fury's last battle before first retirement. Herald Fury battles Ebirah at Hong Kong.
  • Enforcer Revengence is destroyed by Desghidorah in Las Vegas.

November Edit

  • November 16th, Shockirus, Zilla and Gabara emerge from the breach and attack Detroit and are killed by Valor Omega, Aurora Devastation, Moguera Prime and Raiden Kaizer.


  • Knonos Beast is created
  • January 13th, Battle of Cape Reingna kicks of "Te Patu" with the destruction of 2 Jaegers. This event can be roughly translated from Maori to "The Killing"
  • January 24th, The 3 Kaijus Kaisect, Zoelephant and Ravana are finally killed at Wellington. Ending the event that is "Te Patu".


  • Attack of Kaiju Glinfer in Hong Kong, destruction of Jaeger Kill Burner. Glinfer is killed by Jaegers Synthetic Mercury and Phantom Flame.
  • Official announcement of the first retirement of Herald Fury that will last two years.
  • Mediterranean Breach Sealed.
  • A breach is open in the Illinois/Indiana area.
  • Nightfall, a Category 4 Kaiju enters through Illinois/Indiana Breach.
  • Eaglewing is launched.
  • Silver Wolf is Destroyed in The Boston Show Down
  • Sigma Arctic is Transfered to the New York City Shatterdome due to all its Jaegers being destroyed in the Battle for New York.
  • Leatherneck Omega and Noveria Alpha successfully defend the Falklands Islands from the Category V Kaiju Wastetrel and Category III Kaiju Sovereign, Noveria Alpha is severely damaged during the engagement, leaving Leatherneck Omega to finish the fight solo.
  • Delta Blue is finished and after being field tested flies to the New York City Shatterdome.
  • December 30th, MK VI Jaeger, Sigma Arctic is completed and quickly deployed for its first victory.


  • Jaeger Hammerhead is decomissioned by the United States.
  • Mecha-Fury is launched by Australia, to protect the west coast.
  • singapore finish project Altas's powerful jaegers from the project , Temasek Titan
  • Noveria Alpha retired due to irreparable damage caused by Battra in 2038.
  • Shrike, Drexor, and Zregling emerge from the breach.
  • Atlantic Breach sealed, Sigma Arctic retired.
  • Antlion re-emerges from the Australian Breach, modified by the Precursors and three times larger than its original size. Antlion has been moved to Category 7.
  • Antlion destroys most of New Zealand, going for the strongholds of the humans and then destroying neighboring islands as well.
  • Defender Gamma was destroyed by antlion.
  • Herald Fury is forced to return and is deployed at Perth to defend from Trisky and Varan.
  • Delta Skärare,Temasek Titan and Strider Zeta finally disposes of Antlion. Antlion's skeletal remains are placed in an Australian museum.
  • November Ajax makes it's debut when killing Cat VI Kaiju Zorro

August Edit

  • Shrike, Zregling, and Drexorai breach, and destroy New York and 12 Jaegers.
  • another precursor jaeger called thunder crack breached.
  • Herald Fury is once again deployed at Darwin and barely wins the battle against Cat. IV Regiken.

December Edit

  • Challenger Rex was defeated by Precursor Rex
  • at this age marked the downfall of the jaegers

Timeline 2040sEdit


  • The Harbinger officially revealed.
  • Herald Fury defends Sydney from Tauri.
  • Categories 6-7 kajiu are beginning to rise.
  • Strider Zeta retired.
  • 23 years and Kappa Popeo is deployed, it kicks the kaiju, the kaiju swaps him and Finally, Kappa Popeo got it's ion whip and whipped it. Silver boy is victor
  • Battra, Megalon and Megaguirus emerge from the breach and are defeated by Chrono Monarch and Novemebr Ajax.

2041 Edit

  • Temasek Titan and fervor asi took a category 7 kajiu,tanktron
  • Two Cities is launched.
  • Mark lX Jaeger Ascendant Justice is put into construction
  • November Ajax is moved to the Anchorage Shatterdome as reinforcment.

2043 Edit

  • the first double event of two category 7 kajius emerged.
  • from March to July 9 jaegers are destroyed

2045 Edit

  • Herald Fury is retired. Ken and Ren Arnold retires from service. Herald Fury marks the record for the longest Jaeger service, at 21 years.
  • The Battle of Botany Bay successfully ends with six killed hostiles
  • The Australian and American Mark 12 Jaeger,Gipsy Australia is launched.
  • Gipsy Australia kills the Category 1 Kaiju Geisha in the city of Paris.

2046 Edit

2049 Edit

  • The Red October Massacre

Timeline 2050s + onwardEdit

2050 Edit


  • the ultrabomb is created in South Korea to destroy the Pacific breach in 2055


  • The event "Pacific Rim 2" starts.(Timeline splits from main canon)
  • The Untied Nations cut the funding of the shatterdomes.
  • Riots grow as each jaeger falls.
  • The last line of defence took place in USA.
  • Operation Extinction takes place by Challenger Rex and precursor Rex exploded and ends up destroying the Pacific Breach which ends the 2nd Kaiju War.


  • All cities on Earth rebuilt.
  • Challenger Rex was represented as the Gipsy Danger of the event and was honoured as the 2nd kajiu war defeater.

future(unknown) Edit

2120 Edit

  • All previously known Breaches reopen. All Kaiju regroup. Antarctic Ocean Breach opens. Caspian Sea Breach opens. Indian Ocean Breach opens. Great Lakes Breach opens. Red Sea Breach opens.  Beginning of 3rd Kaiju War. Looks like they'll always be back...

Sometime waaay in the Future...Edit


  • The Jaeger Program finishes off the Kaiju once and for all, ending the Precursor threat.
  • The Precursors themselves emerge from the Breaches as Kaiju finish off the last strongholds of Humanity.
  • OR


The Precursors come out of the Breach along with 187 Kaiju.215 Jaegers are deployed to stop them.Only one Jaeger and Kaiju survives, the two battle, and the world is either saved or destroyed. For more info view Marine Crusader or Soninth-II 


•the world is saved once and for all •All of the jaegers are recreated alongside the cities which were once destroyed •guardian foxtrot gets a medal for its services and killing 31 kaiju (the most kaiju ever killed) [MORE TO FOLLOW]