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Shrike was the smallest of the three Kaiju that emerged from the atlantic breach on 8-7-39.

Technical Information
Given Name Shrike
Kaiju Species small
Breach Date 8-7-39
Category 1
Status deceased
Origin anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 40 feet, 150 fee long
Weight 12,000 tons
Speed 11
Strength 7
Armor 2
Battle Information
Attack Behavior sneaky
Toxicity medium
Powers tounge
Weaknesses neck
Target Information
City Targeted new york
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed


Shrike is one of the smallest Kaiju to breach, with a total mass of 12,000 tons (compared to the previous smallest Kaiju's weight, which was 20,000 tons). It had eight legs, a long, sinewus body similar to a Komodo Dragon, a massive skull crest similar to Estemmenosuchus, only with more spikes and horns. However, it's most deadly feature was it's massive tounge, which was a total of 1.33333 times its body length. This tongue was tipped by a hard, crystaline structure that functioned as both a seventh eye, allowing it to peer around corners, and a spearhead, as it was able to puncture several Jaegers' Conn-Pods before being killed. It was also known for its incredible stealth capabilities, which allowed it to blend in almost perfectly with most surfaces, and the large ridge going down its back. It was colored grey-blue when not hiding. Shrike is notable for being able to scale verticle surfaces, which is normally impossible for kaiju due to their size.


Shrike emerged from the atlantic breach, along with Drexor and Zregling . It was small enough that it was undetected until land fall, due to hiding on one of the larger Kaiju's bodies. When the Kaiju made land fall, it headed into the city apart from it's larger bretheren. When the other two Kaiju were engaging the Jaegers, it hid on a building, then jumped onto the back of one Jaeger and repeatedly peirced it's Conn-Pod visor, killing the pilots inside. The other Jaegers killed Drexor and Zregling, but could not find the smaller Shrike. Over the next two days, it terrorized the surrounding countryside, destroyed 5 Jaegers, and caused billions of dollars in property damage.

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