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The Sicarian was a vicious Precursor-eating creature that could eat a Precursor in five seconds flat, two point five when looking up an incline and seven point five when looking down one.  Described as a "large red thing with about six legs and twelve arm-like things in its mouth", only about 1500 Precursors have seen one and lived to tell the tale, and all of them in the infamous Sicarian Swarm Attack of 882 BC.

Ressha ExpeditionEdit

The Ressha Expedition (which, in Precursor, means Expedition Expedition), which took place approximately one million human years before the Sicarian Swarm Attack of 9997986 BC, was an expedition to discover more about the Sicarians.  After the radios the team were using failed, a fleet of two Cardinal craft and their battle drones were dispatched.  The biggest defeat ever taken by Precursor forces, beaten only by the even more infamous Gipsy Danger detonation, one of the Cardinal craft was severely damaged in midair, the Sicarians simply leaping over drones to reach the ship.  Once they had done so, the port wing was torn off, dropping the Kaiju to the ground.  The drones then tried to regroup to save the other craft, but the drones were also destroyed, though enough survived for long enough to kill all on the craft.  Nonetheless, it collapsed approximately two kilometres above Factory Alpha, all Precursors inside being killed on impact.  The loss of two Cardinals, both their craft and three battalions of drones was devastating, and caused 22 Kaiju to have to be melted down for the replacement craft[1]. to be built.

Sicarian Swarm AttackEdit

This attack, which essentially broke up half of Location Alpha, occured during Year 4's tour of the factory, causing a panic.  Marina ran into the Kaiju creation area, where she hid until the Cardinal's craft killed all the Sicarians.

After Marina and other Precursors panicked and hid in random places across Location Alpha, some of the Sicarians retreated to their colony, in order to tell all other Sicarians about it.  The result was that the colony seemed to explode, the swarm travelling out to Location Alpha.  Thankfully, all of the cardinal Precursors still alive in Location Alpha boarded their craft and flew to two kilometres up; the Kaiju began to create a defensive line of acid.  The Sicarians ended up stuck in the acid, which is estimated to have killed half the colony.  Unfortunately, the Sicarians created a tower made by interlocking and kept climbing up to reach the craft.  One attack missed, striking the base of the tower, which was basically the remaining half of the colony, which collapsed into the acid line after those initially struck carried it in.

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  1. This is SINGULAR. Reread the text and guess about the other craft.

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