Sierra Vigilant is a Canadian jaeger

Sierra Vigilant
Technical Information
Given Name Sierra Vigilant
Nickname(s) Canada's Byotch

Sierra Vigilant

Launch Date 2018
Classification Mark III
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Canada
Jaeger Specifications
Height 53 Metres
Weight 1263 Tons
Speed 7
Strength 8
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment Escape Pod

Homing Beacon

Operating System Nexus 2.3.3
Energy Core Uranyl Acetate Quick Release
Weapons Missile Launchers and Railgun (Enriched with Magnesium Blinder(s))

Hydrogen Thermonuclear bomb

Body Language Defencive-Offensive Slam
Power Moves Flaming Charge
Pilots Shinji Madasoka

Finn Hansen

Kaiju Killed 3 before Destroyed
Out-of-Universe information

Kaiju KilledEdit

The following is roster of named Kaiju defeated by Sierra Vigilant, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Reaper 12/16/2019 Caracas, Venezuela Echo Delta
Hookarm 5/25/2020 Toronto, Canada Solo
Krader 10/9/2021 Hawaii Solo
Civilian space suit cm81 by longgi-d5fnn64

Sierra Vigilant's Divesuit

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