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Sigma Arctic
Technical Information
Given Name Sigma Arctic
Nickname(s) Quad
Launch Date 2036
Classification Mark-6
Status Retired
Country of Origin United States of America
Jaeger Specifications
Height 250ft
Weight 2,213 Tons
Speed 11
Strength 11
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Weapons Quad Arms (Retractable blades) One fist-mounted plasma cannon
Body Language Dirt Boxer
Power Moves Dead mans hand
Pilots Veronica Cornington

Jasmine Cornington Rex Cornington Jack Cornington

Kaiju Killed 6
Out-of-Universe information
Sigma Arctic is a 4AC Mark-6 Jaeger built in the Baltimore Shatterdome. Sigma was transferred to the New York City Shatterdome in 2038. It was famous for its 4 arm configuration.


Early Combat History Edit

Sigma Arctic was created in the Baltimore Shatterdome in 2036 in response to the Atlantic Breach Threat. It's four arms feature made it deadly, taking down 6 Kaiju from the Atlantic Breach within 2 years. The pilots are quadruplets from New York City, born into a poor family and began training at a young age. Despite their young age they are very capable pilots. 


The Mark-6 Jaeger is set apart from other Jaegers due to its 4 arm configuration. It has two Con-Pods, holding two pilots each. One in its head and another in its chest mounted Con-Pod that control the other two arms. The Jaeger is painted white (arctic) and blue at the pilots request. The Jaeger is very strong, one of the strongest ever seen and is well armored.

Fighting StyleEdit

Sigma Arctic has a unique fighting style, while its front, stronger arms mainly engage the target, the other two usually are retracted until a strike point is secured. When the front two arms have the Kaiju secured, the other two make short work of the creature sing slashing and stabbing moves to the torso.

Trivia Edit

  • The Jaeger is one of the only with 4 arms, and one of the few MK VI's to feature more than two arms.
  • Along with the four arm design, this jaeger is the only known one to have more than 3 pilots.
  • Its white body style was very unusal for a Jaeger but was painted this way to stand out.