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Skippy is an automated submersible used by the ADC to study the breach.

Technical Information
Given Name Skippy
Nickname(s) the submarine
Launch Date 2030
Status working
Country of Origin USA
Jaeger Specifications
Height 10 feet
Weight 3000 pounds
Speed 1
Strength 1
Armor 2
Battle Specifications
Equipment claws. sensors
Operating System AI
Energy Core small reactor
Out-of-Universe information


Skippy is equipped with a full suite of scientific equipment, a set of robotic legs on the bottom to walk acrossed the sea floor or hold things. Robotic arms and sampling tools are on the front, and lights/cameras around the entire thing itself.

Closing of the breachEdit

Skippy was tasked with going down with several jaegers to study the breach when a kaiju was coming through. Some scientist decided to strap a war head on the bottom.  While the jaegers were fighting the kaiju, skippy went into the still-open breach and dopped the warhead. The breach was closed for a total of 3 months before reopening.