Skorost Volka
Technical Information
Given Name Skorost Volka
Launch Date December 30th, 2017
Classification Mk. III
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Russia
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Pilots Puloff brothers (deceased)
Out-of-Universe information
Skorost Volka is a Mark-3 Russian Jaeger piloted by the Puloff brothers.


Skorost Volka was launched on 30th December, 2017. It was specially constructed to be to dodge all Kaiju attacks as oppose to blocking them. Though, Volka was never able to test it's capabilities in combat as it was destroyed by Kaeru when it leaped out the ocean into the cables that tied the Jaeger to the choppers; this tangled the wires sending Skorost Volka backwards onto the shore. Kaeru then crawled onto Skorost Volka's body and crushed the Con pod killing both of the Puloff brothers instantaneously. Kaeru was later killed by Terra Stallion near Taiwan.