Technical Information
Given Name Skug
Breach Date May 3, 2027
Category Category IV
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse, Atlantic Breach
Kaiju Specifications
Height 280ft.
Weight 2,500 tons
Speed 5
Strength 5
Armor 9
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Pukes Kaiju Blue on enemies, blinding them, and then attacking
Toxicity Extremely High
Powers Expulsion of concentrated Kaiju Blue
Weaknesses Blind rage activated when suffering pain, with allows for error.
Target Information
City Targeted Miami, Florida.
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Beserker Wilde

Skug is a Cat IV Kaiju that came out of the Atlanctic Breach on May 3, 2027. 

Biology Edit

Skug has generally thick skin that even if pierced by a melee weapon,, will get latched onto to its hardened inner skin. It has two large and elongated arms with three claws on each arm. Its leg about one-third smaller than its arms have 4 toes. At the side of its slug-like head it has 8 pairs of blue luminous globe-round eyes all rounded up together. At the sides its mouth is a pair of razor teeth, glued by a smudge grey mucus to the area just below its eyes. Its mouth it directly connected to a KB gland ( inside the neck ) and a second stomach which allows for expulsion of Kaiju Blue.

History Edit

At 1:19 AM EST on May 3, 2027, Skug came out of the Atlantic Breach and started making its way Miami, Florida. It destroyed a cargo ship on the way, which had a crew of 500 workers. It was left untouched, until it reached the miracle mile, where it met with the American Jaeger, Beserker Wilde. It was enraged by the Jaeger, and puked Kaiju Blue all over it. With the Jeager blinded, Skug tackled Beserker and pummeled it. Beserker shot six Thermal Rockets into Skug's arms, melting the skin and some muscle, knocking it back. Skug charged at Beserker, and got hit in the stomach with a sting blade. The sting blade got stuck in the thick layer of skin. Without hesitation, Beserker ejected the blade, leaving it in Skug's stomach. Skug puked again, and bit down on Beserker's blade arm.The kaiju suddenly when into a blinfd rage, which gave Beserker a chance to stab Skug in the back with its caster's blade, and grasped on to the Kaiju's lower jaw. Beserker shot two plasma blasts right into Skug's mouth, cauterizing it, preventing another puke attack. The attack also left mortal wounds in the kaiju, but 3rd shot in the brain left it dead for good.

Aftermath Edit

After Skug's death, The Pan Atlantic Defense Corp quickley removed his body to prevent anymore of Kaiju Blue to spread across to the beaches of Florida. Which caused a huge destruction of the near by ecosystem.

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