Sontinh 1 pacific rim inspired by splendidriver-d6darqw
Technical Information
Given Name Sontinh-1
Nickname(s) none
Launch Date January 31st 2027
Classification Mark 1
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Vietnam
Jaeger Specifications
Height 25 Fishing boats
Weight 1,722 tons
Speed 12
Strength 11
Armor 13
Battle Specifications
Equipment Escape pod, Flare Guns
Operating System Windows Army 11.123
Energy Core Nuclear Turbine
Weapons 12 Mag Fist
Body Language Eagle
Power Moves Tackle
Pilots Ling Po and Van Li(Both Deceased)
Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information

Sontinh-1's HistoryEdit

Sontinh-1 was builton January 31st, 2027. Its first deployment was to defend Laos from Category l Kajiu, Megamore.

Second Deployment Edit

Sontinh-1 was deployed with Sigma Valiant to defend Taiwan from Category lll Kaiju Smokey.

Gallery Edit


Sontinhh defending taiwan from smokey by artist Tai Bing Lai