Soviet Elite
Technical Information
Given Name Soviet Elite
Nickname(s) The Stone Age Robot
Launch Date December 15, 2025
Classification Mark V
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Russia
Jaeger Specifications
Height 310ft
Weight 2,100tons
Speed 2
Strength 9
Armor 10
Battle Specifications
Equipment Cooling Tower "Head" With Power Core
Operating System Tac Comm- 11
Energy Core Stun Core- 09
Weapons Armor Peircing Sting Blade

Chain Sword

High Power Flamethrowers

Body Language Slow and Defesive
Power Moves Double Blade Burn
Pilots Belochkin Vladimirovich (deceased)

Garina Valentinovna (deceased)

Kaiju Killed Ironback (2026)
Out-of-Universe information

 Soviet Elite is a Russian Mark V Jaeger, that was built in Russia but stationed in the Manhattan Shatterdome. 

Features Edit

Soviet Elite is based off of the old Mark I Jeager, Cherno Alpha. It has the head mounted flamethrowers, and conn-pod in the body. It is also equipped with a sting blade that can pierce any armor. The other weapon is a chain sword in the left arm for cutting through Kaiju flesh.

History Edit

Launch Edit

When Soviet Elite was being constructed, The Pan Atlantic Defense Corps requested Russia let it be placed in the Manhattan Shatterdome. Russia accepted, and chose the cousins Belochkin Vladimirovich and Garina Valentinovna to go to Manhattan with it. It was built to be strong but slow, making it a front lines tank for defending the ten mile mark.

First Deployment- Scorn Edit

On February 7, 2026 Soviet Elite tasted action. At 9:03 PM EST the Cat IV Kaiju, codenamed Ironback, emerged from the Atlantic Breach and went towards Manhattan. Soviet Elite's crew was chosen to defend the Ten Mile Mark. Soviet Elite reached it first and got prepaired for Ironback. The Kaiju spotted Soviet and roared. Ironback charged at Soviet, and jumped at it. Soviet slapped Ironback to the side with its hand. Then Soviet cut one of Ironback's eyes with its sting blade. Ironback stood up on its hind legs and bit Soviet's "head." It ripped part of the head off, only to realize nothing was inside. That allowed Soviet to plunge its chain sword into Ironback's stomach. Ironback dove under water to get some distance. Then it jumpped at Soviet and scratched the body, doing little damage. Then Soviet used its flamethrowers, only for the Kaiju to block the flames with its back. In the process Soviet lit its swords on fire, and stabbed Ironback in the feet with them. It disabled Ironback long enough for Soviet to stab it in the stomach with its flaming swords. It went straight through, and came out through the back. Then Soviet chared its face, killing Ironback.

Second Deployment and Destruction- Megaladon Edit

On November 23, 2027, A Cat V Kaiju, codenamed Megaladon, emerged from the Atlantic Breach.