Space Jam
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Technical Information
Given Name Space Jam
Nickname(s) The SlamDUNKer
Launch Date 2024
Classification Mark-6
Status Active
Country of Origin Jamaica
Jaeger Specifications
Height 91m (298ft)
Weight 1,943 tonnes
Speed 1337
Strength 420
Armor 69
Battle Specifications
Equipment A Basketball Hoop in the Conn-Pod
Operating System NBA-SLAMDUNK-II
Energy Core ALEO-57 (analog)
Weapons A Chainsword made out of the solid--ified sweat of NBA players

R-25 C.A.T Warhead Launcher

A Basketball (usually with a hoop)

Body Language A Professional Basketball Player
Power Moves Lethal SlamDUNK
Pilots Michael Jordan and a p[Rated E for Everyone]thead
Kaiju Killed 15
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Space Jam Chornicles
Space Jam is a Mark-6 jaeger. He has defeated over 10 kaijus.


Space Jam was created along side Snoop Dogg after a dangerous kaiju named Weedblazer destroyed all the other jaegers. After Weedblazer's defeat he went on to kill 14 more kaijus.

He is piloted by a p[Rated E for Everyone]thead and Michael Jordan.

Features                                    Edit

Space Jam mainly attacks by hitting his opponents with a basketball. His basketball is very effective against kaijus. His special attack is slamDUNK where he slams the basketball through a hoop with a 99% chance to instantly kill a kaiju. Space Jam himself is a massive Jaeger, and is all yellow, except for his basketball, which is orange. 

He harbors a chainsword which is retractable. The sword itself is made out of the sweat of NBA players. It's said that if he slices a Kaiju with it, that Kaiju will be sent into the past, where they will be punched in half by vampire cave men. His R-25 C.A.T (stands for Cats are Terrific, which they are) Launchers shoot cats which are fitted with Nuclear Warheads, which severely injure, or kill Kaiju. 
Super Selfie - Tune Squad

Super Selfie - Tune Squad

Actual news footage of Space Jam running into battle with Watashington, a Category-VI Kaiju.


W[Rated E for Everyone]dblazer, Space Jam's first kill.