Spartan Omega
Technical Information
Given Name Spartan Omega
Launch Date May 3, 2041
Status mark 1
Country of Origin Greece
Jaeger Specifications
Height 297 feet
Weight 2,783 Tons
Speed 8
Strength 9
Armor 6
Battle Specifications
Equipment Jaeger A.I

87TPP Conn-Helm G-13 Limb Articulators 53AA/E1 Gyro-Balance

Operating System Athena.24
Energy Core Ichor-12 Engine
Weapons .322 Battle Shield

Triple Lancer Cannons

Body Language Brutal Warrior
Power Moves Phalanx

Power Kick 300

Pilots Jurgen Hamfast

Elise Hamfast

Kaiju Killed Fanglord


Out-of-Universe information

Spartan Omega is a Greek mark 1 Jaeger built to defend the North coast of the Mediterranean Sea.