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Technical Information
Given Name Spectore
Kaiju Species Kaiju-Prime
Breach Date ?
Category VI
Status Alive
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 666m
Weight 9,001 metric tons
Speed 5
Strength 10
Armor 10
Battle Information
Attack Behavior ?
Toxicity Extremely High
Powers EMP, Particle Cloaking
Weaknesses Back of Torso
Target Information
City Targeted Cities around Mt. Everest
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed

Spectore is a Category VI Kaiju-Prime that emerged from the Spacial Breach.


Spectore was the first to emerge for the Spacial Breach, but it is unknown when. TBA


Spectore has six eyes, three on each side of his head. He has two ridges over his head, with each having a opening and closing nostril. Spectore is 666 meters tall, and is estimated to weight 9,001 metric tons (19,843,809 pounds). His body is highly protective and armored. Spectore has a strange crest on its head that resembles a crown. He also has three tails, each tipped with a deadly spike. Spectore has six arms, two pairs of large arms, and a pair of wings on its back. One pair protrudes from his belly, an the other are connected to the shoulders along with the winged pair. Spectore has short legs, with three digits on each. The large arms have a gap in the forearm bone, similar to other Kaiju, and have four clawed digits on each hand.


Like many of the Kaiju-Prime, Spectore can release an electro magnetic pulse, which disables Jaegers and nearby electronics. Spectore also can absorb light particles through his skin, which allows him to be "invisible". Also, Spectore has the ability to Metamorph.