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Tales from Oblivion Bay is a series of stories which provide information regerding Alcatraz. Although they're not as lengthy as Alcatraz, they intend to cover aspects and details that Alcatraz has not yet covered. This includes what happened to not detailed in Alcatraz characters and words from the characters themselves.


The Dark Path ChosenEdit

"All survivors deserve to die!"
―Chuck Hansen to Herc Hansen

After nearly all humans are eradicated by the Kaiju, Chuck Hansen takes it into his own hands to kill the few survivors.

Second in CommandEdit

Striker Eureka: "Uh, Lightning Stream, Wolf Cry, Dread Flare, Clear Sky can you take the afternoon border patrol?"
Lightning Stream: "We've already been part of the morning patrol. We should be training right now."
Striker Eureka: "Oh yes, you were. Well can you take evening patrol?"
Wolf Cry: "Like we want to be chasing around Kaiju all day after a long afternoon of fighting."
Striker Eureka tries to organise his clan.


When Striker Eureka escapes to Oblivion Bay, he compiles a clan of Jaegers to keep safe. However, after a month, he realises that his hands are too full and responsibilities must be shared.

Finders KeepersEdit

"There's nothing to be won here. Go home!"
―Sickle to Slueth and Jaggedclan

When Jaggedclan territory clashes with Slueth territory, it's up to Sickle to set in proper clan rules.

Follow the LeaderEdit

Ravage: "You really can't do this to me-"
Crimson Typhoon: "And who are you to tell your superior no?"
―Crimson Typhoon and Ravage

Crimson Typhoon pushes Ravage to his limits during training.


Gipsy Danger: "Hmm, Yes I can."
Yancy Becket: "... No you can't."
―Gipsy Danger's thoughts

Gipsy Danger realises she shares her body with the spirit of her dead pilot, Yancy Becket.

Come to MeEdit

Viktor: "Soo..... If you had choose me or your clan, which one would you choose?"
Ravage: "My clan, of course. That doesn't mean I don't love you."
―Viktor and Ravage.

Viktor and Ravage at one of their meetings discuss miscellaneous things. 

Too LateEdit

"Upset!? I'm not upset. That's too weak a word."
―Crimson Typhoon to Ravage

Crimson Typhoon explains his feelings about Ravage.

Who Goes There?Edit

"Show yourselves! Cowards!"
―Crimson Typhoon before he's attacked

Viktor, Sickle and Flick assasinate Crimson Typhoon.

The Right Choice?Edit

"I'm afraid you're going to need a new deputy, father"
―Viktor to Sickle

Viktor ponders his freedom and rights in Jaggedclan, and decides to leave to become an Outspoken.

An Empty PrayerEdit

Echo Saber: "What's wrong with them, Whitefoot? They look perfectly healthy."
Ravage (Whitefoot): "They'll never be accepted. I can't bare looking at them."
―Echo Saber and Ravage

Ravage finds himself with a bunch of kittens he just can't look after.

A Perfect StormEdit

"What's that?"
―Horizon Brave realises what's wrong

The Oblivion Bay clan is forced out of their camp because of a flash flood. They must now find new land to live in.

A Jaeger in TroubleEdit

"Where... did ye' all come from?"
―Blackfang finds Horizon Brave and company

Blackfang is shocked to find an entire clan in need.

Retreat, Retreat!Edit

"Good. Whate'er happens, we can' stop now."
―Echo Saber to Viktor

Viktor and Echo Saber retreat to the ocean after they're cornered by Jaggedclan

Scenic WorldEdit

"It's incredible. If only Striker and Gipsy could of taken a glimpse of it."
―Horizon Brave about her new territory

The Oblivion Bay clan find out what's on the other side of the Great Mountains.

To Go Down to SorrowEdit

"There's truly nothing to be won here. "
―Sickle echos his words from Finder's Keepers

Sickle disbands Jaggedclan and leaves for the Oblivion Bay clan, now in the plains beyond the Great Mountains.

After the Floods: Blackfang SpeaksEdit

"It's great. Usually I'd keep me distance from th' clans, but I guess I'd have to be part of 'em now"

Blackfang gives the reader a little insight on the now after years have passed.

A Plague in the WorkhouseEdit

Blackfang: "Who are ye' three? More importantly, what are you doin' 'round here?"
Nhionestrife: "I'm Nhionestrife. Theres two are Twyster and Arsone. What we're doing here is none of your business, wolf boy."
―Blackfang and Nhionestrife

Blackfang finds three firey, young Jaegers. Ignorant of their past, he welcomes them to the Oblivion Bay clan.


"It's amazing how they accepted me. "

Ravage muses about being a dead robot trans man.