Terra Stallion Blueprints

Terra Stallion's Blueprints

Terra Stallion is a Mark-4 British Jaeger launced on October 22nd,2018. 
Terra Stallion
Technical Information
Given Name Terra Stallion
Nickname(s) Cromwell, Bokser (Dutch)
Launch Date October 22nd,2018
Classification Mark-4
Status Destroyed (Though reconstructed, see Terra Draconem)
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Jaeger Specifications
Height 78-80m (262 ft)
Weight 1,757
Speed 8
Strength 9 (10+)
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment Unknown (Classified)
Operating System Wolf Systems Arctic V2.6
Energy Core Quad Core Nuclear Reactor
Weapons Heavy Piston Arm-Leg System

BAE Fusion Cannon

Body Language SAS CQB Training
Power Moves Heavy Piston Punch/Kick
Pilots John Shackerton

Torao Toyoku (Deceased)

Kaiju Killed 8
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Fandom
Creator Terra Stallion is Mark 4 Jeager created by the United Kingdom, it's basic body design is based off the successful Mark 3 US Jeager; Gipsy Danger. It is the last Jeager built to be powered by a Nuclear Reactor. Author and creator Snowboy123


Constructed in Norwich, Terra Stallion is piloted by John Stackerton and Torao Toyuko (An AI system). It was first sent to London shatterdome with Dragon Miralis and proceeded to defend the coast of Iceland until it was then relocated to Vladivostock shatterdome and assisted in the defeat of 7 Kaijus whilst stationed there. 


Terra Stallion is destroyed when it confonts Akula near Hawaii. Terra was dropped in and immediatly attacked by Akula, after trading a few hit's Terra Stallion managed to engage it's heavy piston arms and launch Akula over 200m. Azure Defiant arrived to assist Terra in the battle, both Jeagers underestimating the strength of Akula. Terra lost sight of Akula as the Kaiju disappeared into the sea. After 20 seconds of searching Terra alongside Azure finally got a line of sight on Akula as he swam through shallow water. Terra put 2 fusion shots into Akulas body and blew it's left arm off. Jumping onto Terra's chest Akula used it's weapon; it could turn it's blood into acid, which although destroyed the enemy, it also melts the Kaiju, leading to its quick death. John ejected from the Jaeger but as Torao is a AI, he was built into Terra's chest and dissolved with the rest of the Jaeger as Akula's body melted. After Terra Stallion was destroyed the acid-blood in the Ocean partially damaged Azure Defiant's left leg, it leaped at Azure which swiftly dodged to the side, clipping and tearing off it's right arm. Azure Defiant didn't waste time and fired it's railguns at Akula to finish it off, but as the shots hit the target, it had most likely already died from the melting.

The Con pod which John escaped in is on display at Hong Kong shatterdome mounted next to Prime Meridian. The body was salvaged but is not on view to the public.

Reconstruction Edit

After Akula destroyed it's core, the main body was salvaged and remade into Terra Draconem.

First Encounter - GarettEdit

Terra Stallion's first real battle was with the Category 3 Kaiju Garett. They fought at Reykjavic port for 3 minutes, Garett was gaining the upper hand by getting behind Terra and grappling it's back. Terra then jump backwards onto Garett, this gave time for Terra to use it's heavy piston leg system to crush Garett's ribcage. Instantly killing the Kaiju.

Second Encounter - KillochEdit

Terra Stallion's second kill was against Killoch, a Category 3. Whilst on patrol with Noveria Alpha, Killoch pounced out of the snow, ready to leap on Noveria; Terra quickly dived on Killoch, grabbing it's upper and lower mouth, then breaking it's jaw. Leading to one of the quickest Kaiju kills in history.

Third Encounter - FoxtrotEdit

Fourth Encounter - DodgerEdit

Fifth Encounter - KearuEdit

Sixth Encounter - JitterkingEdit

Seventh Encounter - RikartoEdit

Rikarto, also known as diablo, was a huge winged Category IV that attacked central Manhattan. Terra Stallion was called into assist due to the sheer scale of Rikarto, some considered him the first Category V to emerge from the breach. 4 Jaegers were called to take down the Kaiju, as Rikarto could cleave through buildings like they were nothing. Aside from Trespasser; Rikarto is the most destructive Kaiju on record costing almost a 500 billion dollars of damage as it trampled through Times Square. It took the concentrated attacks of all four Jaegers to finally take it down. All of the Jaegers claim the kill as there own.


Terra Stallion is a unique Jaeger due to it being the only Jaeger to be a single pilot system. The second pilot is replaced by the AI Torao Toyuko (named after who developed it). The AI is sometimes referred to as a better pilot than a human as Torao can do millions of calculation's and predict many Kaiju attacks. John claimed that Torao made the Jaeger much more efficient in combat and an AI was better than most other pilots he had ever fought with.

Terra Stallion is also one of the only Jaegers to have a fully ejectable Con pod; providing a safer extraction method for the pilot. Terra is the only Jaeger to carry a Fusion cannon, as appose to a Plasma caster which most other's use. The Fusion Cannon is a multipurpose weapon, serving as a long range pulse beam, and a close range nuclear flamethrower. This power of this weapon is very clearly demonstrated, taking off the arm of a Kaiju at 500m, and burning through the skull of a Kaiju with the flamethrower in less than 10 seconds.

Second-Kaiju WarEdit

A upgarded version of Terra Stallion, which is being used as the Mark-7 prototype, is being constructed to fight in the the second-kaiju war but has yet to be relocated to a shatterdome and is currently at a undisclosed location on the British coast.

Terra Battlescarred

Terra covered in mud and Kaiju blood during it's battle with Foxtrot

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