Kronos Beast
Technical Information
Given Name Kronos Beast
Launch Date 2037
Classification Mk. IV
Status Destroyed
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Kaiju Killed 3
Out-of-Universe information
Kronos Beast is a Mk4 American Jaeger.

Kronos Beast was built in 2037

Early deployment history Edit

Kronos Beast's 1st deployment was in Hawaii vs. the Cat V Kaiju Poesden, in which it took heavy damage to its left and right arm but managed to kill the Kaiju. After the repairs which took 4 months, the second deployment was in Russia. In this mission, it easily took down the Cat 1 Kaiju. The third and final deployment of Kronos Beast was the end. Kronos Beast was destroyed after a rare Cat 5 manhandled Kronos beast.