The Great Kaiju War was a conflict fought between Human kind against the Prosecutors using Bio-Engineer Kaijus to fight. The war was carried from June 24 2012 to November 25 2032. The war was fought all over Earth and resulted in a win for Human kind, at a cost of 1 billion 258 million people and East Asia. The war destroyed all levels of Society on Earth, an almost forced Humans into Pre-Industrial Era.

Origin of the name Edit

In 2012 Dr. Jake Alexander gave it the name " The Lost War", in 2014 when Grand Ranger was completed he named it "The Human Test". The war was renamed in 2018 by General Douglas Anderson as " The Great War", in 2021 it was renamed once again by Dr. Alexander as " The Kaiju War". It was renamed in 2027 when Jerion, Lopuun, Pedik emerged from The Caribbean, Red Sea, and Mediterranean Breach at the same time, Douglas gave it the name of " The Great Apocalypse". In 2031 Douglas renamed the war " The Great Kaiju War" following the events in East Asia.

Timeline Edit

Each month is 31 day, there is 365 days in a year. I was too lazy to get real calendars.

Before Hour Death Edit

70 Million Years Ago Edit

- Benton, Juyafi, Vurhon, and Grunyo sent with Kaiju DNA to evolve and prepare Earth for the Mining Process

65 Million Years Ago Edit

- Benton, Juyafi, Vurhon, and Grunyo crash land on Pre-Historic Earth, causing the extinction of Dinosaurs.

- Benton, Juyafi, Vurhon, and Grunyo begin Evolution phrase.

54 Million Years Ago Edit

- Evolution phrase corupted with Mammal and Kaiju DNA.

3 million Years Ago Edit

- Grefi, Serui, Wanfo, and Zaxoin sent to Earth to open Dimensional Breaches on Earth.

500 Thousand Years Ago Edit

- Grefi, Serui, Wanfo, and Zaxoin separate at entry of Milky Way.

127 Years Ago Edit

- Thurmond Comet (aka. Grefi Comet) begins orbiting Earth, to hit Boston in June 24 2012

100 Years Ago Edit

- Helih Comet (aka. Serui Comet) begins otbiting Earth, to hit Seoul in August 25 2012

97 Years Ago Edit

- Wanfo Comet begins orbiting Earth, to hit Sicily in December 26 2012

89 Years Ago Edit

- Braun Comet (aka. Zaxoin Comet) begins to orbit Mars, to directly hit and destroy Australia in January 27 2013

Events of 2012 Edit

21/3/2012 - Braun Comet accidentally hits a ESPN sateliite

27/4/2012 - Waifu Comet accidentally hits a Fox satellite

31/5/2012. - Thurmond Comet is detected by The European Space Agency

14/6/2012. - Helih Comet is detected by The Brazilian Space Agency

22/6/2012 - NASA detects a small change in Thurmond Comet orbit

23/6/2012 - NASA detects a crash land of Thurmond on Greenland

24/6/2012. - Thurmond begins re-entry into the atmosphere

9:30 AM. - Thurmond changes trajectory to hit Boston

10:30 AM. - NASA detects the change on Thurmond's trajectory

11:30 AM. - NASA warns Boston about the inminent disaster

12:00 PM. - Boston begins evacuation

12:15 PM. - NASA life scanners detect life on Thurmond Comet

12:30 PM. - NASA reveals that Thurmond is a living thing

12:45 PM. - Thurmond hit's Boston, instantly killing 225,000 people

1:00 PM. - National guard movilized to Boston

1:05 PM. - Grefi raises from the downtown of Boston

1:10 PM - National Danger Level in the U.S. reaches Defcon 10

1:15 PM - Boston Downtown is destroyed by Grefi

1:35 PM - Boston deathrate raises up to 459,585 dead, 613,795 injured, and 787,685 missing

1:55 PM. - Squadron 72 is the first military response by the United States

2:30 PM. - United States launches Operation Sea Horse using 2,500 Fighters, 500 Bombers, 50 Stealth and Radar Airplanes, 15,000 National Guard, and 25,00 soldiers.

3:00 PM. - United States fires 5 Tomahawks into Grefi

3:15 PM. - Boston death rate raises up to 646,573 dead, 746,685 injured and 847,537 missing

3:25 PM. - Grefi begins to leave Boston heading to the East of the city, causing thousands of death an leaving all of the city destroyed.

4:45 PM. - First National Guards reach Boston through the port.

5:00 PM. - Operation Sea Horse launched to stop Grefi in Point Zack, 25 KM away from the outskirts of Boston

5:55 PM. - Grefi reaches Point Zack

6:15 PM. - American soldiers retreat from Point Zack, only being capable of detaining the beast for 10 minutes

6:45 PM. - Operation Sea Horse is consider a complete disaster

7:00 PM. - Operation Hopping is launch using all Sea Horse remaining operatives and 15 Nuclear Missiles

7:05 PM. - All Sea Horse operatives sent to point Mark 100 KM aways from Boston outskirts

7:30 PM. - Grefi reaches Point Mark

7:35 PM. - Nuclear Missiles launch to kill Grefi to impact on 8:30 PM

7:55 PM. - American troops retreat from Point Mark being able to stop him for 18 minutes

8:15 PM. - 15 Tomahawks are fired to stop Gefri

8:25 PM. - Strong winds redirect Hopping Missiles by 5 minutes

8:35 PM. - Missiles hit the beast an nearly killed

8:40 PM. - 25 new Nuclear Missiles are fired into Grefi tonimpact 9:30 PM

9:30 PM. - Missiles hit the beast an is destroyed

9:45 PM. - Grefi is officially prononceed dead


12:30 AM. - Massachusetts death tole raises up to 848,474 dead, 947,474 injured, and 1,136,748 missing