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 The Great Tide is Armaggedon's rivalling Kaiju

Appearance and abilitiesEdit

Based on its name, The Great Tide is water based and it resembled a gigantic sea serpent with giant squid tentacles on the end of its tail though they are thousands of times larger and they can create craters and earthquakes upon impact, an angler fish luminescent bulb hanging from the dorsal ray on its head that is capable of firing immense blasts of electricity powerful enough to cause thunderstorms. The bulb can also fire powerful EMP pulses, hundreds of times the power of Leatherback's EMP.

It has huge spikes protruding from the sides of its serpentine body. The shape of its mouth is slightly similar to a blue whale's though its maw is filled with powerful sharp teeth that could take a chunk out of a great amount of land out of a whole country. Its body is covered with a slimy membrane that makes it highly resistant against flames and keeps its body temperature extremely low. It can unleash powerful blasts of water from its mouth, enough to clear out entire states and even countries. It also has the ability to freeze the water into beams of ice.

Its body length is the same length of all of America even besting Armaggedon's length of the size of Africa.


A day after Armaggedon left the now oversized Breach, The Great Tide slithered out in an attempt to kill it and take on its role as the world destroyer. Armaggedon met up with The Great Tide as it rose up in front of China and a great battle ensued. The Great Tide succeeded in biting and tearing off Armaggedon's right arm but Armaggedon used its immense strength to toss it away with its left arm. To be continued...

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