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Oh yes, we did.

What Are The Mechas?Edit

The Mechas are robotic recreations of significant people from the Jaeger Program. The Mechas could be of a dead person or someone who is currently alive (usually, the mechs are built for the dead). These significant people could be anyone from pilots, workers, and random people. I'm not even joking.

The MechasEdit

Here are the list of Mecha-People created for The Mechas!

  • Mecha-Chuck
  • Mecha-Yancy
  • Mecha-Pentecost/Stacker-Mechtecost
  • Mecha-Sasha
  • MechAleksis
  • Mecha-Joe (worker from the wall)
  • Mecha-Larry
  • Mecha-Triplets
  • Mecha-Tamsin
  • Mecha-Fred (worker from the wall)
  • Mecha-Manfred (worker from the wall)
  • Mecha-Hannibal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

And of course, the Jaegers for the Mecha people!

  • MECHA-MECHA! (Mecha-Yuck)
  • Mecherno
  • Crimson Mechphoon
  • Coyote Mango

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