The Resistance

The Resistance Logo

The Resistance is a Rebel Group created to Defeat the PPDC and the main Antagonists of the The Resistance Series.


The Resistance was Formed when a group of People started to get Jealous of the PPDC, they Started to create their own Jaegers but ended up a Failure, they saw the PPDC Soo proud of their Jaegers and ultimately created "The Resistance". They're hidden on Space and stablished a Base. They sent Jaegers to Destroy Earth's Cities. They are at war with The PPDC.

Diffences with the PPDCEdit

  • The Resistance is not a Military Group
  • The PPDC is a Military Group
  • The Resistance' Base are on Outer Space
  • The PPDC has dozens of Bases throughout the World
  • The PPDC has Modern Jaegers
  • The Resistance only has Outdated Steam-Powered Jaegers
  • The Resistance uses Dropship Shatterdomes
  • The PPDC has more high-Tech ground Shatterdomes
  • The Resistance tried to Befriend the Kaiju
  • The PPDC are hostile towards Kaiju


  • Felix Star MK-0
  • Garand MK-0(Destroyed)
  • Deploy Stone MK-III
  • Unammed Steam-Powered Jaeger(no Deployed yet)
  • Dark Danger MK-II
  • Dark Matter MK-IV
  • Leich Back MK-X (Destroyed)

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